Letter: Stop Mayor Jeri Muoio’s Crusade

Forbes magazine recently voted West Palm Beach one of the most miserable cities much in part to political corruption. Here we have a perfect example of just that. Mayor Jeri Muoio is the epitome of a politician abusing power for their own personal agenda. She opposes the [State Road 7] extension that was approved nearly two decades ago because she is now an immediate neighbor/resident. The extension was approved in return for Ibis’ annexation into West Palm Beach. I guess “a deal is a deal” unless you’re Mayor Muoio.

The argument that the road will endanger the water supply if any trucks drive into the water or chemicals are spilled is ludicrous. I’m pretty sure trucks travel on east Okeechobee Blvd., which runs immediately parallel to Clear Lake, the city’s drinking water supply. I don’t see Mayor Muoio declaring that a problem and shutting down east Okeechobee Blvd. Every community near every road that trucks use has the same risk, and yet we build the roads.

The mentality of this argument is as valid as you shouldn’t get in your car because you might be in an accident. Mayor Muoio acknowledged that the city might have more success halting the project at some stage in the permitting process. Really? Don’t you think in recent years when Andros Isle and the neighboring communities were built, the permitting entities you are trying to sway were already aware of a nearby major road extension that was agreed on almost two decades ago?

In addition to a personal agenda, taxpayers should be furious that Mayor Muoio approves spending $2,000 in taxpayer dollars for charter buses and “Preserve Our Water Supply” T-shirts to entice opposition involvement. As a taxpayer, anytime I have ever wanted to voice my opposition, I’ve funded my own transportation and any desired special wardrobe. Shame on you, Mayor Muoio, for giving Forbes more material to validate political corruptness in West Palm Beach.

If almost 20 years ago officials recognized the need for this road, I trust our current officials will realize that almost 20 years of area growth has only increased the need. The taxpaying supporters for the SR 7 extension can’t afford to charter buses and purchase 200 shirts to create a circus out of your meeting like Mayor Muoio, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer of us; it just means we don’t have the good mayor living in our neighborhood.

Arlene Pollock, The Acreage