Letter: Acreage Needs Market, Not More Pizza

Someone please help me understand why we, in Loxahatchee, need a fourth pizza place. We have Pizza Barn, Pascalli’s Italian Ristorante, Domino’s and now a Papa John’s (under construction) here within a 2-mile area.

Why can’t we have something like a Target or a Walmart Neighborhood Market move into our abandoned Winn-Dixie store? Publix is killing us with their prices, and with no good competition they will continue to do so. The new grocery store/market would make a great profit, and we would be able to feed our families better and be able to sleep better knowing that the money we save on discounted/better prices will help us in other strained areas: lunch money, mortgages, electric bills, gas, insurance, medical, etc. We need help without having to drive 9 miles to get a good deal, much less the price of gas would deflect any savings at all.

Ronda Frank, The Acreage