Letters: Repairs Needed At Earth Day Park

In response to Mr. Peter ReJune’s letter last week regarding fixing what Royal Palm already has: thank you! I am the mother whose son was injured at Earth Day Park, and I agree completely with the letter. My son was walking with me and my husband when he tripped over the large openings in the sidewalk, and he came inches from slamming his head on the pavement. He suffered a large gash on his knee and arms. He is a soccer player, so he was most concerned for his knee injury.

I was very upset because I had called before to the village about the sidewalks at Earth Day Park. Nothing was done, and I had heard that my neighbor was injured there as well. I called the village and was told to send an e-mail to the village manager. I did, and even sent a photo of my son’s bloodied knees and arm. I did not even get an e-mail back. I called and was told he probably got the e-mail, and they will come and spray the area (the famous spray paint), and I asked if that was to mark the spots to be repaired. She said she was sure they will be fixed, and now it has been at least six months and the spray-painting is as far as it has gotten!

I see many elderly people there walking, and I agree with Mr. ReJune: what kind of injury has to happen for Royal Palm Beach to repair this cracking, bulging sidewalk? What would have happened if my son injured his head or knocked out his teeth? Would that prompt a repair? A severe injury will no doubt be a lawsuit for the village. We have replaced all of the perfectly good sidewalks on Royal Palm Beach Blvd., but the village refuses to repair the badly damaged ones at Earth Day Park. A response from the village on this is way overdue.

Kim Short, Royal Palm Beach