Letter: Wellington Will Miss Dr. Priore

With all the hubris over the election problems and seating a new Wellington Village Council, and the unending meetings over the equestrian area, one important item has been missing from the news. One of the founding fathers and important contributors to Wellington’s success is no longer on the village council — Dr. Carmine Priore.

Dr. Priore is without a doubt probably one of the four of five individuals who is most responsible for Wellington’s success as a community, which is considered one of the top 100 communities in the nation in which to live. Dr. Priore’s commitment to this village is legendary, and his professionalism, demeanor and preparedness is without equal in the past 20 years.

I first met Carmine in the early ’90s when we were considering incorporation. He knew the process completely and felt controlling our own destiny was important in order for us to achieve the goals of most residents. Once incorporated and elected to the council, Dr. Priore’s professionalism, even temperament and knowledge of the rules and policies helped guide us through the early years. Dr. Priore understood that the residents of Wellington expected a level of service and amenities somewhat higher than that of its neighbors, and recreation and education was paramount to a successful community. But he also understood the needs of the seniors, and the need to keep taxes low in order to move forward. Dr. Priore’s affiliation with the League of Cities and his success statewide with that organization kept our municipality at the forefront of trends and policies happening statewide, especially with respect to sections 28 and 14 to our west, and in regard to our incorporation of areas to our east and west.

Dr. Priore always treated those coming before council with respect and tolerance, and always listened to try and glean some bit of information that may make us a better community. During my years of involvement with the community and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, I had many battles with Carmine over issues that we disagreed on. But he was always professional and always respectful. That is class. I had the privilege of walking with him on the treadmills at the club for some weeks after his heart attack, and I can tell you without one doubt that the Village of Wellington is a great place to live because of what Dr. Carmine Priore has contributed and done over the past 20 years. I will miss you greatly.

Steve Haughn, Wellington