Letter: Eicks Respond To Lisa Hyslop

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter by Lisa Hyslop titled “Calling Out Red Barn Was Not Fair.”

It is unfortunate that Mrs. Lisa Hyslop has to justify Red Barn’s prices and compare our hay with theirs. As to the damage to the fence of my neighbors, well, let me see; I recall that was 10 years ago, and we repaired the damage, and those same neighbors buy hay from us. The trucks that deliver us hay come 10 to 15 days apart, certainly not the impact that Mrs. Hyslop’s letter indicates. The Oak Hammock Farm is a commercial horse-boarding business which on any one day certainly generates more traffic than our 18 wheelers do.

To speak about what Red Barn does for the community in time of need, well, we give all the time, not just when there is a hurricane (six years ago). We give hay to the needy horse people who cannot afford the prices Red Barn charges. We support many horse rescues, and without our donations, these rescues would not be able to feed and help the abandoned horses.

Mrs. Hyslop also mentions the additional insurance in case a horse gets sick. Of course we carry all kinds of insurance to protect ourselves and that of the horse owner.

The 4 J Ranch is a small concern, only here to supply the backyard person with a great product that is affordable. Our motto: “Are you tired of mortgaging your house to feed your horses? We have the solution.” and “Great hay for a reasonable price.” So please, Mrs. Hyslop, we are not your enemy nor do we want to put you out of business. We just want to make our little bit of money and continue to help the community.

Janet and Jerry Eick
4 J Ranch Hay
Loxahatchee Groves