New Owners At Luv My Puppies In Wellington

Putting animals first, Luv My Puppies — formerly Palm Beach Puppies — is under new ownership. Joan and Ron Slack bought the Wellington pet boutique in April and have transformed the shop.

“We want to be the place where people want to go for good, healthy puppies,” Joan said.

The boutique has been in the community for seven years and has sold many puppies to owners throughout Palm Beach County. The store also offers pet supplies, from clothing to organic food from Eukanuba.

The Slacks have lived in the Wellington neighborhood of Buena Vida for 10 years.

The puppy store, located at 10240 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 120, in the Pointe at Wellington Green, is conveniently located close to their home.

The Slacks decided to take over the pet boutique as a new business venture. Since they have four dogs of their own, and a deep love for animals, they figured a pet shop would be an ideal business for them.

“We have been in other businesses, and Ron was a trader in the Philadelphia and New York stock markets, and took companies public,” Joan said.

The Slacks want to provide people and families with happy and healthy puppies that are a great fit for their home. “We want to have the kind of puppy store that everyone wants to buy their puppies from,” Joan said. “Someplace people feel comfortable to choose a pet for their family.”

The shop also provides its clients with examined and vaccinated puppies, and works with a local veterinarian Dr. Ira Grossman of Palms West Veterinary Hospital to provide healthcare. “He has been my vet forever,” Joan said. “He is a good vet, and that’s what we want — to be associated with good people.”

The Slacks are hoping that people visit the pet boutique and experience Luv My Puppies. “We want them to also recommend us to other people as being the puppy store that everyone wants to go to,” Joan said.

Luv My Puppies keeps a close watch over its breeders and makes sure not to associate with so-called “puppy mills.”

“We don’t want to have any association with that,” Joan said. “We are totally against such practices.”

The Slacks visit all of their breeders to ensure that they are up to par with their standards.

“If they are raising one set of puppies and they are well taken care of, then that’s fine,” Joan said. “But if they have a whole bunch of puppies, don’t have enough help, and they are a puppy mill, we are not going to buy from them.”

Throughout this process, the Slacks have been learning who the right people are. “We are learning very quickly who we will be dealing with,” Ron said.

Luv My Puppies specializes in toy breeds like poodles and Chihuahuas. Clients can view the variety of puppies from their beds or sit in Puppy Park, a private room for playing with dogs.

The Slacks will also be looking out for the best interest of the puppies they sell.

“I will try to match puppies to the families because it’s a lifetime choice,” Joan said.

For more information about Luv My Puppies, call (561) 422-2220.
Above: Luv My Puppies owners Ron and Joan Slack with a long-haired Chihuahua.