Letter: Horse Riding Tips From Indian Trail

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Tim Palmer’s letter “Educate Us On Horse Riding Dos And Don’ts” published June 22.    

Dear Mr. Palmer:

In response to your letter of June 22, the following information is provided by the Indian Trail Improvement District. ITID thanks both the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the Acreage Horseman’s Association for help in preparing this information.

The Acreage is an equestrian community. Horse riders may use the swales, sidewalks and roads throughout The Acreage. The signage to which you refer demarks a route from 40th Street North to the Corbett Area (north of Northlake Blvd.) through The Acreage on swales and roadways that are generally not the most heavily traveled roadways by vehicles. More information on this route is available on the ITID web site, www.indiantrail.com (choose the “My Community” tab then select “Equestrians”). This route is a suggested route. Horse riders may use the swales, sidewalks and roads throughout The Acreage.

The questions about horse riders using the roadways is more complicated. ITID thanks the PBSO for assisting and providing accurate information. If the horse is pulling any type buggy/cart, etc., the horse and attachment should follow vehicular traffic rules, meaning they travel with the flow of the traffic. If it is just the horse and rider, and they choose to use the roadway, they should travel against the traffic. This is particularly difficult because horses naturally react very strongly to objects they see coming toward them. The safer option is for horse riders to use the swales and sidewalks.

ITID and the Acreage Horseman’s Association encourage all equestrians to enjoy The Acreage, responsibly taking care of horse waste appropriately.

ITID has adopted a policy (Parks Department Policy PK 95-XI) that restricts horses to specially designated areas or parks where horseback riding is permitted. Currently, the only ITID Park approved for equestrian use is Nicole Hornstein Equestrian Park located at 14780 Hamlin Blvd. The amenities and equestrian park policy are listed on the ITID web site (choose the “Departments” tab then select “Parks”).

The Acreage library has hitching posts along the eastern portion of the parking lot near the entrance from Orange Blvd. There are also hitching posts on the southeastern portion of the Publix shopping center near Kocomo’s.

Also, the Indian Trail Improvement District Board just approved reinstatement of the Equestrian Trails Committee at the Aug. 8 board meeting. We will be providing additional information as the committee is formed and becomes active.

Tanya Quickel
District Administrator
Indian Trail Improvement District