Letter: Learn From The Storm

What did we learn from Tropical Storm Isaac as a community?

As local and state authorities assess the damage and flooding to our great hometown, we should really take this as an opportunity to revise our emergency management plans, gated community action plan and local relief efforts.

As my neighbor said yesterday, “Just because it has not happened before, does not mean that it cannot happen.” The mentality that something of this magnitude has not happened in the past has to change. Obviously the dynamics of a community change with time, and so do our challenges and needs.

As we come together as a community underwater, as we stare into the lagoons that are our driveways, we wonder when will the dirty water subside or better yet, when will help arrive? We should consider putting together resident committees to help organize efforts in our immediate area when a storm is predicted.

We need to also offer assistance to our elderly residents and establish clear lines of communication with our property management companies liaison, homeowners’ association boards and our local officials. Coupled with all the technology available to us today, we should be able to overcome any storm that threatens us.

One thing that I’m sure we are all grateful for: the rain has stopped.

Judith Burnstine