Letter: U.S. Needs Romney/Ryan

Editor’s note: Marge Fitzgerald’s original letter, “The Threat To America Is Real,” was published Aug. 17.

I knew my letter would ruffle some liberal feathers, and that’s a good thing! I stand by every word, and those attempting to contradict the facts will hopefully cause voters to do their own research before they vote. The comments at the end of the letters [in the letters section at www.gotowncrier.com] were excellent. To learn more, go see the documentary 2016: Obama’s America.

To address a few points mentioned, I agree that Gov. Romney should show his tax returns, not that it matters; we know he is wealthy and probably took advantage of all legal tax deductions. Then, hopefully Romney can get back to the real issues of the economy, jobs and healthcare. Barack Obama should then show his transcripts and disclose who paid his tuition and trips to foreign countries while he was a poor college student.

Romneycare was designed for a single state, not a national healthcare take-over. The Romney-Ryan plan will offer better solutions, save failing programs for future generations and “protect Medicare.” As Congressman Ryan explained, all seniors 55 and older will keep their Medicare as is — no changes. Those 54 and younger will have the option upon retirement to either subscribe to Medicare or use a voucher for coverage. The choice will be theirs to make, not a government mandate.

Accusations about Gov. Romney’s outsourcing are false. FactCheck.org declared, “we found no evidence to support the claim that Romney, while he was still running Bain Capital, shipped American jobs overseas.” In fact, Gov. Romney started hundreds of well-known American companies (with private money, not tax dollars), which created millions of American jobs that continue to grow and prosper today.

President Obama is the real “outsourcer in chief.” To list a few: He gave our tax dollars to China for the construction of America’s roads and bridges, with our unemployment at over 8.3 percent (“U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms,” video, ABC News). He gave millions to Brazil and other countries for oil exploration, rather than to American companies who have been denied drilling permits for four years! The Keystone pipeline alone would have created thousands of jobs in numerous states and was repeatedly proven environmentally safe! Hundreds of NASA jobs are gone, and we must now pay Russia to take our astronauts to the International Space Station. Obama also outsourced $529 million to Finland to assemble electric cars, rather than using an American company. Please research these facts yourself since the media failed to do so.

Romney and Ryan may be boring, stiff, intellectual geeks, but they are exactly what we need to save America. The Romney and Ryan team has the experience and proven leadership necessary to restore America’s greatness as a world power and will regain the respect and trust of other nations. It is time for the rock star to retire to Hollywood to be with his friends.

Marge Fitzgerald