Letter: Solve Midwestern Drought With Pipelines

There is an urgent need for a permanent solution to the Midwest drought situation. This current drought in the Midwest will soon affect food prices. Whilst some areas of the country consistently experience an abundance of rainfall, other areas are prone to drought, severely affecting agricultural crops such as corn, fruits and vegetables as well as livestock.

I cannot understand why we cannot run pipelines from the areas with excessive amounts of rainfall to these drought-stricken areas. This is an ongoing situation that needs to be addressed now. To the authorities, I say, “Let common sense prevail.” Solve this problem now. Do not burden the consumers with higher food prices. This crisis can and should be avoided.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, more than $2 billion has already been spent on the upcoming election. To me, and I hope to most Americans, this is obscene for politicians to spend that kind of money in an attempt to buy the White House. (Overseas countries/companies should not be allowed to impact our elections with their contributions.) Some of that $2 billion would go a long way toward creating jobs running those pipelines and so on.

I remember a childhood hurricane poem: June, too soon. July, stand by. August, you must. September, remember. October, all over. Hopefully, now that we are in the peak of hurricane season, some of this rainfall will alleviate the drought situation, thus averting a hike in food prices, which is not welcome at this or any other time.

Karl Witter
The Acreage