Letter: We Know More About Obama Than Romney

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Marge Fitzgerald’s Aug. 17 letter titled “The Threat to America is Real.”

E.J. Dionne, author and journalist for the Washington Post, said, “Bad arguments prevail when they go unanswered.” The letter “The Threat to America is Real” is not only a bad argument, it is almost entirely fiction.

The truth has actually been “distorted by spinning a few facts into a mix of fabricated nonsense” by Mitt Romney’s TV ad claims that the Obama administration has adopted “a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.” The plan does “neither of those things,” according to Factcheck.org.

The letter-writer’s claim that President Obama’s records have been “sealed” is also “false,” according to Factcheck.org and the Washington Post. Ms. Fitzgerald’s letter leaves us with other questions: “How many jobs did Romney create/ship to China?” We do know, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that 4 million private-sector jobs have been created in the U.S. over the past 28 months, thanks to President Obama’s stimulus package. How do you know how “pristine Mitt Romney’s closet is,” when he continues to hide his financial “closet” from the American people? The only year that he has released his tax returns shows that he paid a much lower rate than the middle class pays. He may not have paid any taxes in other years.

When right-wing radicals spew words like “Obama’s corrupt record” without a shred of evidence to back it up, rational, thinking, educated adults question their veracity, while Fox News watchers and Rush Limbaugh listeners nod in mindless agreement. Ms. Fitzgerald probably really doesn’t know much about Barack Obama’s past, but David Maraniss’s biography joins at least a dozen other Obama biographies about the president’s childhood, his years at Columbia University, Harvard Law School, as a law professor at University of Chicago, and as his years as a U.S. senator. Those of us who actually search for facts and truth know as much about Barack Obama as we have ever known about any president.

The truth about Mitt Romney is that he was born into significant wealth, grew up a spoiled prep-school bully and has abused our tax code to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. Barack Obama is the very epitome of the American dream. He is an accomplished, principled man and probably one of this country’s greatest presidents.

Gwynne Chesher


  1. Facing facts

    Thank you for your well researched and persuasive reply. Sadly although you cite provable facts, your argument will fall on the deaf ears of secular humanists. I am convinced that there are basically two groups that support Democrats; those who are dependent upon government handouts, and those who deny the fact that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is murder. Both groups will allow the economy to collapse before they have the courage to fact the fact that the unsustainable debt, both public and private is destroying the U.S. Dollar, and will cause even faster price inflation.

    You provided an impressive list but the most amazing fact that is indisputable and is given no coverage by the national media is the fact that President Obama matriculated at Columbia under someone else’s name. How does that happen? I know there is a transcript at Columbia belonging to a name that is not our President’s name. And there is one year that is missing from that transcript. This raised so many unanswered questions.
    Does Columbia ask for academic records before deciding to admit a student, and wouldn’t those academic records have to be in the same name of the person who is applying? If not, then shouldn’t there be a change of name judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction? I mean what is our President’s name?

    We know everything about him? Give me a break. We are not even sure what his name is!

    • Mr. Morelli, I am not sure why you bring Secular Humanists into your argument, but you obviously have something against them and also why you bring the life begins at conception and abortion is murder into the discussion either. None of this has anything to do with allowing the economy to collapse. I feel it is people with your way of thinking that are usually one (or two) issue people, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, etc. and would rather let the country move to a theocracy where your god is the ‘right’ one and where your beliefs are mandated onto everybody as law. Thus letting the country go downhill. In the last election people like this voted Republican because of abortion, gay marriage, the Rep. candidate was a more religious man, etc. , instead of focusing on the bigger picture, i.e. the economy of the US and the world, the 2 wars the US was fighting in, the poor education system, etc.
      However it is also clear to me that you don’t understand or accept Humanism. This is because your life is run by a supernatural being and you feel that all our lives should also be run by this being. Basically Humanism follows this statement:
      Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.
      Yes, Mr. Morelli, I am a Humanist (and a devout Atheist). I believe in Evolution and science over creation (or “Intelligent Design”), a woman’s right to choose, rights for all, including Homosexuals. I do not believe in a supernatural being creating everything, whether it is god or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, nor do I believe in a Heaven/Hell choice in the afterlife.
      I also do not believe that people are only moral based on the fear that religion puts into them, and they have to behave a certain way in this life or else they will face damnation in the afterlife.
      People can be moral without the religion. I believe in the golden rule and treat people properly because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!! Not on whether I will get eternal joy in heaven.
      I know you will point to the Atheists who have done damage in history, but there are also as many, if not more religious people who have done the same or worse. And despite not believing in their religious views I believe there are also good religious people who strive to help people and do the right thing.
      One more final thing, Mr. Morelli, is that while I usually vote Democrat, I am more of a centrist when it comes to politics and believe that there are valid points on both sides of the aisle. However, I also think that the divisiveness in the government at the moment is hindering getting anything accomplished. Both sides need to compromise and work together. I know there are different philosophies on how to get things done, but this country has always worked together and nowadays it doesn’t seem like that is happening, to the detriment of us all.
      I would welcome a chance to sit and discuss our ideas in a calm friendly fashion.

  2. Workfare Wavers – At the discretion of the President’s men.

    Ms. Chesher I’m responding to your letter because “Bad arguments prevail when they go unanswered”. With due respect for your gender and mine as a gentleman, I have refrained from using insulting personal attacks that you so often use

    President Obama by executive order and in violation of the Constitutional separation of powers most certainly did remove workfare from several welfare programs. You cite factcheck.org which is why you are so woefully misinformed.

    If you were to go to the Obama campaign website, after navigating though several pages of requests for donations you might find what I found. All States will be able to apply for wavers to allow exemptions from workfare. http://www.barackobama.com/truth-team/entry/president-obama-promotes-welfare-reform-gop-launches-false-attacks/

    I found it very interesting that the same page refers to left-wing media that is notorious for carrying the Democrat water and mouthing talking points prescribed by the Democrat National Committee, namely Politifact, NBC, ABC, and the Times. This is not credible evidence and I reject these as experts and therefore I reject their opinions. I relied upon the facts contained in the President’s own campaign website, which clearly states that the President has the power to grant “waivers”.

    “Waiver”, Ms. Chesher, means a waiver from having to work in order to continue welfare benefits. The point you need to understand is that Congress passed a law creating a benefit package and the President has usurped extra Constitutional powers to which he is not entitled in order to allow States to wave the work requirement.

    But that is not all, Ms. Chesher, with your consent; the President will have the authority to approve of which States are allowed the waiver. I suspect that if we follow this story to its ultimate conclusion we will find that friends of the President will be allowed to take people off of workfare and continue their welfare benefits.

    I’m quite sure that Obama followers are comfortable with allowing him to pick and choose who he will favor, but those of us who support the rule of law are not comfortable with any President acting like a dictator.

    • Thank you for your insightful comments, to my letter last week and to those who simply “don’t get it”, yet. Hopefully, the time will never come for them to realize how wrong they are, because that would mean that we have lost America as we know it. Please consider sending in your responsive comments to the paper, as I doubt that few are able to appreciate your words online. Great job!

      • Marge
        I would like more people to be aware of this interactive section that the editor of The Town Crier has generously provided. In fact I am especially grateful since months ago I called in and asked to allow replies online to letters. This newspaper in my opinion is as impartial as anyone can expect. We are lucky that the Palm Beach Post is not the only place for us to read the events of the day and the news.

        The editor has always printed my letters even when my opinion was directly opposed to the Editorial Page. For example this newspaper did not support Allen West, and the reasons were valid. It was felt that by defeating his adversary Florida would lose a Congressman with seniority. I supported Colonel West from the beginning, and I am anxious to know if this newspaper will support Congressman West this time around. I hope it will.

        Please tell your friends about this section. Immediate feedback in this electronic age is possible and valuable. Reply letters used to take at least a week to appear in print. Here the reply in instantaneous
        Thanks to The Town Crier

    • How about the waivers that Obama granted to his friends so that they would not be subjected to Obamacare mandates? That’s not what I would call “equal protection” I’d call that a monarchy.

      I love this guy. He is a professor at Stanford University that’ in and of itself is astounding: “Obama has likewise unilaterally repealed the legal requirement that welfare recipients must work, by simply redefining “work” to include other things like going to classes on weight control. If we think the bipartisan welfare reform legislation from the Clinton administration should be repealed or amended, that is something for the legislative branch of government to consider.” Thomas Sowell

      • Frank Morelli
        It appears that you are enamored with seeing your name in print, regardless of the inane statements to which it is attached. The absence of intellectual heft inherent in the right-wing supporters of the modern version of the GOP is astounding.

        There is, however, no dearth of outright falsehoods being served-up by “Real Americans” who abhor governemt intervention in the lives of people, yet endorse government intrusion into women’s rights, gay rights, workers’ rights, and voter eligibility.

        In answer to your question:
        …”How about the waivers that Obama granted to his friends so that they would not be subjected to Obamacare mandates? That’s not what I would call “equal protection” I’d call that a monarchy.

        I’d call that statement moronic. In 2005, the Republican Governors Association,in a letter signed by 29 Republican governors,asked Congress for even broader welfare waivers. Mitt Romney’s name is at the top of the list.

        More recently, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) said, “Utah’s request for a waiver stems from a desire for increased customization of the program to maximize employment among Utah’s welfare recipients.”

        CNN also weighed in on the issue:
        Fact check: Romney’s welfare claims wrong

        I have provided some information meant to educate you regarding the waiver issue Frank. However, you will have to pull your head out of the sand in order to read it.

        • JR Pisani:

          I don’t particularly want to see my name in print, but I am who I am, and I am not afraid to say what I believe, so I don’t use a codename. I also never intend to run for public office so I can say what I believe and not have to pander to voters like so many politicians do both Democrat and Republican.

          I’m sorry you sound so angry. Obviously you and I do not agree on a few issues. I believe you are sincerely concerned about others. Perhaps we might agree on the broader issues so that we can accomplish our common purpose.

          I don’t believe that anyone has the right to murder an unborn child, and I disagree that abortion is a constitutional right. In my opinion the abortion argument is neither scientifically supported nor intellectually honest. I understand why abortion exists, but I favor adoption as an alternative. Can we agree on this?

          I adhere to the rule of law, a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, which means that government has no role in determining how we should live our lives, or with whom we should live, love, or hate for that matter.

          With the exception of protecting one another from criminal activity, which harms life, liberty and property, I want government out of our lives. And to insure our peace and safety, everyone should possess and know how to use firearms for self-defense.

          I read the letter you cited and I do not believe it supports your argument. You sound like an intelligent person who doesn’t need to be told by factcheck what the truth is. Read the bill for yourself.

          I pray that we can all live together peacefully with respect for each other’s opinions, and without hating those who are different or who do not agree with us.

          Thank you for your comments and taking the time to respond.

          • Frank Morelli,
            Basically a nice letter, but it is not all you believe. You say you adhere to the rule of law with the exception of “protecting one another from criminal activity, which harms life, liberty and property”, yet so many times you have written how you want no regulations on businesses and to let the free-market run its course. Without some regulation don’t you think some businesses would take advantage of people, the environment, the entire system, etc. (I believe that each rule should be re-examined)?
            And in a letter above you made this statement:
            “I am convinced that there are basically two groups that support Democrats; those who are dependent upon government handouts, and those who deny the fact that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is murder. Both groups will allow the economy to collapse….”
            Do you honestly believe that? Is that not narrow minded (it is offensive)? How would you feel if I lumped all republicans together by saying that they all believe in these things: 1) creation over evolution and science, 2) deniers of human affects on global warming (again anti-science), 3) are all right-wing radicals mired in thinking that is from the 1300’s, 4) anti-Gay rights (basically anti-civil rights), 5) anti-women’s rights, 6) religious fanatics who believe everyone should live according to their “correct” beliefs, 7) pro-big business to the point that it does harm to people and the environment, 8) only care about the wealthy, 9) Birthers (even when their statements have been disproven, as your Columbia University diatribe has been)?
            Obviously that would also be absurd, and even though this seems to have fit you (based on many of your previous writings) is certainly does not equate with all republicans (probably very few would fit this entire description).
            Mr. Morelli, you will take this as a personal attack, but didn’t you do just that when you wrote the statement above? I agree with what you sometimes write, but then you take it way over the line and go to the fanatical side of things. Not everybody must live/believe in the things you do. If you don’t agree with abortion, don’t have one, if you don’t believe in Gay marriage don’t marry a man, and do your best to teach your children that it is wrong. However don’t impose your narrow-minded beliefs on everyone. Take a page from your own book and understand that abortions are sometimes a necessary evil and let Gay people marry, keep the government out of their lives.
            To close, let me say, I do agree with you that we should all live without hating those who are different and live peacefully and respect each other’s opinions, but I do wish that some of those opinions reflected changing times/centuries.

  3. Sorry, but it is not true that we know more about President Obama than Governor Romney. That is a fallacy.

    We know nothing about the President’s years at Columbia, Harvard or even his time at Occidental College. The President has sealed his school records.

    It is also erroneous that the President was a law professor. He was listed by the University of Chicago as a senior lecturer. The President was neither tenured as a professor or did he work full time at the University.

    Hillary Clinton, when running against the President, cited the 129 times the President voted, “Present” on legislative matters.

    We also know that President Obama has put this nation in huge debt-$16 trillion; that unemployment is over 8%, we have high gas and food prices; investments the President has made in less than 3 years have foundered: $500 billion given to Solyndra is lost. The American taxpayer can’t recoup that money, and the private investors would have been first in line to get their money back, ahead of taxpayers. And it was also known that Solyndra was on shaking financial ground when the company was awarded the billions. There are many dubious Obama programs that have not borne fruit for the American people, think Cash for Clunkers, think ObamaCare -$716 billion raided from Medicare so that implementing ObamaCare would be ‘cost neutral’; the democrat majority Senate even voted down the President’s submitted budget.

    And if there is to be any discussion about outsourcing jobs, let’s look at the $335 million given to Russia to send our own astronauts into space. America’s spaceworkers are now unemployed, and too many Space Coast workers in FL have lost their jobs.

    And more importantly, the President has failed to unite this country. He is ‘divisive’, ‘derisive’ and ‘arrogant’. Those are the President’s own words. He used them in describing America to Europeans while giving his first speech in Europe while running for the Presidency.

    Facing facts is difficult, but necessary.

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