Letter: Who Is This Woman?

Who on earth is this woman in 2012 who doesn’t care whether she, her friends and sisters have access to birth control? (Paul Ryan has repeatedly voted for bills in Congress that would limit access to birth control and de-fund family planning programs and make in vitro fertilization illegal.)

Who is this woman who allows naïve (or worse) men to define the meaning of “rape?”

Who is this woman who doesn’t mind that, until Obamacare, insurance companies were charging women considerably more for the same policy than a man? (Obamacare stopped insurance companies from that practice.)

Who is this woman who is OK with her state ordering an invasive vaginal ultrasound, forcing her to view it and to pay for it before she can end an unwanted pregnancy (even if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest)? (A [scaled-back] version of this law passed in Virginia, thanks to a Republican legislature and a Republican governor.)

Who is this woman who’s just fine with insurance companies denying coverage because she has a pre-existing condition or because she has been diagnosed with cancer or heart disease?

Who is this woman who hates that 20.4 million women with private health insurance gained expanded preventive services with no co-pay in 2011, including mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, prenatal care, flu and pneumonia shots and regular well-baby and well-child visits (available now, thanks to Obamacare)?

Who is this older woman who is angry that 24.7 million women enrolled in Medicare received preventive services without co-pays in 2011, including an annual wellness visit, a personalized prevention plan, mammograms and bone mass measurement for women at risk of osteoporosis, thanks to Obamacare? What tyranny!

Who is this low-information woman who believes that global climate change is just some hoax to make Al Gore rich? (A quick look at NASA’s or NOAA’s web sites could shed some light on her ignorance.) What woman really wants her children to be taught anti-science gibberish? How will they compete as adults with their well-educated counterparts from Europe, Asia and around the world?

Who is this woman who doesn’t mind at all that Republicans in the House of Representatives, after years of bi-partisan agreement on renewing the Violence Against Women Act, decided to re-write the bill to exclude some women (Native-American women, LGBT women and undocumented women), then passed it? Fortunately, President Obama and Democrats in the Senate said “no,” we protect all women from domestic abuse.

Who is this woman who supports the Ryan budget that Catholic bishops call “immoral and un-Christian?”

What woman supports the “Bomb Iran” chants of the far right?

Who is this woman who thinks that it’s just fine that women earn just 70 cents for every dollar that a man makes for the same job? (The first law that President Obama signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Act, giving a woman a legal opportunity to earn equal pay for equal work.)

The Republican Party, and especially this new Tea Party Republican Party, is about their perceived superiority over anyone who is black, female, brown or gay. It’s about billionaires, like the far-right Koch brothers, their PACs and corporations gradually eroding women’s rights, civil rights and our democracy. Don’t let them do it! Vote!

Gwynne Chesher


      • PS – I don’t know where morelli’s diatribe came from, and said so in my initial response to him.

        However if you read my initial response to the main letter you will see that I also feel men should be outraged by some of the things the letter writer mentions, not just women.

        Certainly scary times out there for women and men need to join in and support them!

  1. Let’s talk about the real issues that intelligent people want to know about. I prefer not to respond to bullying and your bullying tactics which are straight out of “Rules for Radicals” will not silence conservatives who are waking up to the assault on the First Amendment.

    I know what will happen to China’s currency! China will decouple from the U.S. Dollar. The Yuan will then float based upon China’s production capacity. Its value will rise and every Chinese worker will get a real increase in purchasing power.

    The FED has purchased 70% of treasuries because China has stopped funding our purchases. They realize that Americans are broke and this is no longer going to be China’s primary market for their goods.

    China may be slowing down but it still has double digit growth, and even that is not really enough to keep its people employed. So China is now creating a voodoo doll called Japan. Deflecting Chinese anger at the slowing economy off onto Japan.

    Building infrastructure does not create wealth, for two reasons. First whatever money is spent on it has to come out of the private sector by way of interest on the debt and eventually repayment of the debt through higher taxes. So this is Keynesian BS that has been proven wrong over and over again.

    Worldwide demand is sufficient but the cost of production domestically are so high that the consumer price point is not competitive.

    Obama is building a bridge using Chinese labor. That money will be spent in China. Interesting how Obama is not even following his own experts’ advice.

    Government are broke that is why they can’t fund public projects and have to lay government employee’s off. This is not ideological it is a fact of life.

    The one thing I do agree with “Professor” Reich on is that government spending is temporarily propping up the economy, but all this means is that when the fall occurs it will be harder, faster, and last longer.

    The #1 problem is not the debt, not unemployment, and not even the money wasted on stimulus and improvident wars. The biggest problem is that we no longer can produce steel, textiles, cotton, and sugar. We can’t drill for oil, dig for coal, or build Nuclear Power plants. The problem is the EPA, simply and solely. The problem is not even high taxes.
    The trick is to make us watch the left hand so we don’t notice what the right hand is doing. I have researched the global warming issue, and I am convinced that it is a fraud. That CO2 is not dangerous it is a nutrient for plant life.

    When we all stop dancing on the stage set by progressives, communists, and others who want to bring the U.S. down so that a global government can be established, then maybe there is hope.

    • Mr. Morelli, Your response to the printed letter was so off point as to again make you look laughable.

      You say “When we all stop dancing on the stage set by progressives, communists, and others who want to bring the U.S. down so that a global government can be established, then maybe there is hope.” as the closing remark to your crazy off-point diatribe.

      I am a moderate/slightly left of center person (who you call progressive because I do not follow your radical right-wing views). You lump Progressives, communists and ‘others’ together, which makes you look foolish. And if I am a Progressive, why does that make you for even an instant believe that I and the “others” like me want to bring down the US and establish a global government? Wow, you are getting more inane with each letter.

      And, why would you think we (us radicals, progressives, and ‘others’) want to slience conservatives? There are valid ideas on both sides of the aisle. Except that people like you who do not believe that anything slightly to the left of right-wing radical can be valid at all.

      Mr. Morelli, if there is any bully on this forum it is you. But luckliy you are making yourself look worse each time you decide to pen a note.

      Your information on CO2 and global warming and the research you have done is so unscientific and biased as to be laughable. Please see the other article about global warming and the link to last weeks notes. CO2 is a plant nutrient, but not in the amount we are producing it. And the “EPA is the problem, somply and solely”? Oh Boy, Mr. Morelli, you have now gone so far off the wall.

    • You deliberately ignored the gist of the post, trying to make the Republicans practicing medicine without a license some kind of minor side issue. It is NOT minor, and neither is it a side issue.

      And if you really believe that CO2 in massive amounts are good for plants, I have an experiment for you to do. Take 2 plants. Give one plant the amount of fertilizer recommended. Give the other plant the rest of the box, all at once. See which plant survives.

      • Momof8, I was riding a bike yesterday and when a dump truck passed and I had to breath in the fumes I felt better that CO2 wasn’t a pollutant. Had it happened before reading Mr. Morelli’s letter I would have been worried. Mind you, the wheezing still occurred as I was riding, but at least I was getting all that plant nutrient inside me!

        Thanks for your note!

    • It won’t matter who is hoarding what worthless currency when the planet becomes so toxic that it can no longer support life. There are not enough trees on the planet to remove the amount of “nutrients” necessary to sustain the current level of emissions. You may be fooling yourself, but you are not fooling the rest of us!

    • interesting that when the state of california does something you say Obama did it……. not reasonable to blame the POTUS because we do not like the choice made by state government.

  2. Excellent letter, but I would also like to know “who is the man” who would allow these things to happen?

    Who is the man who will not stand up and proclaim that injustice to one is injustice to all? That when one person is treated unfairly it is only a matter of time before we all are!

    Who is the man that won’t stand up to defend women and minorities from being taken advantage of and treated like second class citizens?

    Who is the man who denies science and scientific research? Who is the man who’s religious beliefs and pandering to big business would allow science to fall to the back burner? Who is the man that doesn’t want excellent scientific, fact-based education for all citizens?

    Who is the man who would have people live by his beliefs, but refuses to acknowledge that other people’s beliefs are also valid? Who, based on his own beliefs, would deny others the right to live their life based on their beliefs?

    Who is the man that doesn’t want affordable, excellent healthcare for all citizens?

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