Letter: Stop Corporate Welfare

Mitt Romney laments about 47 percent of people who don’t pay any tax. Since Mr. Romney chooses to not reveal his back tax returns, I feel that gives me the liberty to suspect that in those 10 years, he has paid no taxes in some of those 10 years, if not all. Is that so, Mr. Romney?

Since the Citizens United ruling, General Electric is one of those 47 percent of “people” who Mr. Romney says pay no taxes. How many corporations that belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council pay no tax? That puts them in the 47 percent category of people who pay no taxes.

Since Mr. Romney feels that people who pay no taxes are moochers who want to freeload on the government, he should check the above corporations, as well as others who pay no taxes, and return their political contributions. He should also refuse any contributions from the wealthy Super-PACs, which pay no taxes.

As for General Electric, in addition to not paying taxes, they take money from our government in the form of credits related to offshore activities. In other words, we pay General Electric money to outsource jobs that should be done by Americans — that’s what I call welfare!

Leo Solar
West Palm Beach