Cutting-Edge Audio & Alarm Systems From Petrone Technology

Entrepreneur Anthony Petrone has turned his interest in audio technology into a successful business. He founded Petrone Technology Group 10 years ago in Wellington and today provides the most cutting-edge audio equipment available.

Petrone has always had an interest in audio, video and alarm installations, having begun his career working for an alarm company. “Ever since I was in high school, about 15 to 16 years old, I had on-the-job training,” he said.

He worked for companies such as ADT for several years, doing home installations, from alarms to audio systems. “I worked on Rush Limbaugh’s and Jimmy Buffett’s houses, doing home theaters and things like that,” Petrone recalled. “That was cool, and I realized that’s what I wanted to do.”

While working for other companies as a technician, Petrone developed his own, unique business model.

“At the time, they wanted to segment you,” Petrone said. “Either you wired a house, put the equipment in, or you programmed it.”

Petrone noticed that there was a lack of proper communication and customer service at many of the companies he worked for. “I didn’t like the way they were treating people,” he said. “It was all about the profit and not about the end result of the project and its performance.”

Petrone decided to stop complaining about what he did not like about other companies and start his own. “It was time for me to do what the other companies were not doing and get it right, so I did, and it has been wonderful,” he said. “I love what I do. It’s like an art form for me.”

Petrone does all the programming and designing of the systems. He learned how to do everything on his own, from wiring to programming. “I’ve been in the industry so long that everything just came to me, and what I didn’t know I would learn,” he said.

Petrone Technology Group does a variety of custom audio, video surveillance and alarm installations. The company has five technicians who go to clients’ homes and install the systems based on the design plans that Petrone creates. “Then I go and program it all,” he said.

What sets Petrone Technology Group apart from many other companies in the industry is the practicality of its systems. “We make it easy enough for people to use, so that there are no problems,” Petrone said.

Petrone tries to understand the needs of his wide range of clientele, and delivers systems that are modern, manageable and precise. “I’ve got high-end clients to everyday people, and they all just want the same thing in the end,” he said. “They want an easy-to-use system that they can learn without having to go to school.”

It’s all about making people’s lives easier, and Petrone Technology Group masters this by providing a smart remote control that can control the entire house, from the lights to temperature. With the smart control, clients are able to set their own custom settings that fit their own personal needs.

Petrone Technology Group creates a functional smart control by running wires throughout the house that connect to a equipment rack, which holds all the equipment from DVD players to video gaming consoles. The entire shelf is tucked away in a wall, where it is out of view.

Petrone Technology Group can install home theater systems, custom surveillance and alarm systems for homes and businesses that can be collaborated with smartphones to view and monitor anywhere.

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Above: Petrone Technology Group owner Anthony Petrone at his Wellington home holding a customized remote control.