Letter: Big ‘First Day’ Promises From Romney

Mitt Romney’s imaginary first day in office looks to be a long one. He has vowed to repeal Obamacare on day one, thereby taking medical coverage from millions of Americans (children with pre-existing conditions, elderly, poor and 18- to 26-year-olds) who are currently covered, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, giving insurance companies back the freedom to charge whatever they want, to deny coverage if you should be diagnosed with a serious illness and re-opening the “donut hole” for seniors on Medicare, costing them $550 more a year on prescription drugs.

On day one Mr. Romney also vows to get the Keystone Pipeline approved. An Aug. 6 report in the Washington Post reveals some disturbing facts about the proposed pipeline. Several major university studies show that even a small leak in the proposed pipeline would contaminate the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the irrigation and drinking water supply to eight states, which is why President Obama requires further studies before committing to the project.

Mr. Romney also promises on his first day to undo all of the regulations that President Obama put in place, so we can expect Wall Street banks and credit card companies to return to the unscrupulous practices that we enjoyed so much under George W. Bush. Of course, allowing giant corporations to set their own rules and regulations will mean that there will be no limits to the amount of CO2, farm runoff, mercury, smog and other poisons unleashed into our air, water and food.

Mitt Romney also has big plans to start a trade war with China and to attack Iran. Wow, that’s a busy first day, Willard!

Gwynne Chesher


  1. God help us all if Obama wins another 4 years. This country will never again be the same! Our children’s future will be doomed like that of other socialistic countries.around the world. Romney may not be perfect, but he is by far the best choice of the two, no doubt about it. The only way Obama can win at this point is through voter fraud!

  2. 1. Romney as governor of MA instituted the FIRST statewide healthcare for the people of his state. Obamacare is based on Romney’s initiative!

    2. Romney worked with Democrats while governor. He united rather than divided. Obama contines to divide this nation and shows no ability to work with other duly elected officials

    3. Romney awarded free tuition, the Abigail and John Adams Scholarships, to top 25% students in state. Obama has the failed Race To The Top education policy that teachers even here in PBC have criticized and refused to participation in

    4. Romney will make America INdependent of foreign energy from UNstable regions of the world and put millions of people back to work. The cost of gas has escalated since Obama was elected and will go even higher.

    5. Romney has the expertise to jumpstart America’s economy, the ability to work with both sides of the aisle.

    6. Obama has a failed foreign policy. America doesn’t leave Americans behind. We all understand that deaths occurs in dangerous regions of the world, but American just don’t ignore and leave behind those who serve. We do all we can do to rescue them.

    7. Lying about what happened in Benghazi is a slap in the face to all Americans. Tell us the truth, we can take it. We know that deaths occur in war torn countries, just don’t lie to us; accusing a film maker when it was a terror group who led the attack on Benghazi shows a disregard for the truth. The information was there. Government officials knew within 24 hrs what caused the attack, but we had more than 2 weeks of continued lies, cover-ups.

    8. Obama offers a sluggish economy for the decade to come

    9. Romney offers a jumpstart and escalating economy for the decade to come.

    10. Make the change. Obama just couldn’t do the job, he has alienated, divided this country and refused to work across the aisle. We can’t afford 4 more years of this conduct.

    Romney says he will work across the aisle and he has the demonstrated history of doing so while in political office.

    America can not afford 4 more years of the division of Obama. We need to be unified.

    Let’s hope that on Nov 7th we wake up to a future president who will unite us and work across the aisle.

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