Letter: A Matter Of Direction

America has succeeded beyond any other civilization in history due to one reason: freedom of self-determination and a system of limited representative government. While we have relied on national leadership for a common defense and interstate issues, it has been the freedom to act independently and locally that has set this nation apart over the last 236 years.

The free market makes millions of consumer and producer decisions every second. Entrepreneurs have started millions of businesses and despite most of them failing, the successes have been extraordinary. So why then are we suddenly $16 trillion in debt (that’s 16,000 billion dollars) with more unemployed and fellow citizens on federal assistance than any other time in our nation’s history? The answer: Centralized, master planning has failed. The massive inefficiency and rampant corruption of the federal government obliterates savings that otherwise might be available by pooling our resources nationally.

Despite a constitution that clearly calls for the states to control the purse and citizens to make their own decisions, we allow the feds to redistribute the majority of our taxes to more special-interest causes than can be described. We continue to send our dollars to Washington, yet it is locals who operate our water, power, highways, schools, food and healthcare — under increasingly crushing federal regulations. Think about it: The instruction book for the 1040 tax form book is now 100 pages long. And now we are voting to keep a healthcare bill so vast that it “has to be passed to find out what’s in it?”

Compassion is not a trait unique to the Democratic Party. Neither is corruption. But at this time, the Republican Party has hope as the people continue to reform it. The Democratic Party could not even pass a budget with a super majority. Obama is clearly taking us toward unsustainable massive government, with subsidies and special interests to show for it. (Guess those shovel-ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.) We are well-equipped to handle our welfare and subsidies at the local level, and allow the national special interests to fail when they can’t stay afloat.

It’s a matter of direction. We must act locally and to so do we need to elect the proven capitalist, not the proven socialist, at every level of government.

Adam Wilhoit
Royal Palm Beach


  1. Adam, couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t imagine how any intelligent person, who has any sense of responsibility or knowledge of the disaster this country is facing under the Obama administration, could think for one minute that he is the better choice over Romney! Obama is the worst POTUS this country has ever known!

    • Sir or Madam, Many intelligent people believe that Pres. Obama is better for the country then Gov. Romney. No reason to denigrate many millions of people who will be voting for Pres. Obama. Many of us also have a very great sense of responsibility and feel that while slow, the recovery is on track. Of course it would be helped a great deal if both parties could learn to compromise for the good of the country and not their own political welfare (note I said both parties).

      Even if you dislike Obama there, unfortunately, have been worse presidents and through it all America has survived. And we will again.

      In another post you say that the only way Pres. Obama will win is through voter fraud. Now you’re just being silly.

      One more thing, just out of curiosity, why do you not sign your name? There seem to be a few of us who post on this forum, who, despite our very differing views are brave enough to put our names. Unfortunately, when you don’t put your actual name onto something people will not really take you that seriously.

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