Letter: Romney/Ryan Very Scary

We are in the scary season. It is not Halloween; it is the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Women of the United States, please be frightened by the Romney/Ryan ticket. Please be frightened for your daughters and granddaughters, for those who rely on Planned Parenthood, for those who have suffered the trauma of rape.

Please be frightened for your sons and daughters, who we will be dragged into yet another war.

Seniors, please be frightened that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be voucherized/privatized. Workers, please be frightened that jobs will be outsourced, all in the name of the “bottom line.” Voters, please be frightened that voter suppression is the theme of the day.

All of us, please be frightened that the 1 percent will get all the breaks, and the rest of us will pay for them. Romney/Ryan are trying their best to appear moderate. They are hoping that we forget their positions of past months. No, let’s not.

Let us support our president and give him four more years. History tells us that it took 10 years to get out of the Great Depression. Things are improving. We are moving in the right direction. Let us not be afraid to go forward. Vote Obama.

Sandi Duran
West Palm Beach


  1. Sir/Madam, I too have a lot of teachers/administrators/guidance counselors in the family and find all of them caring people who just want to teach and help children (of all ages). I am glad we can agree on that. And I am glad you don’t hate anyone either, neither do I, no matter what their inner core beliefs.

    By Progressive I do not mean socialist nor by Regressive do I mean going back to our constitutional values. By Progressive I mean understanding what is happening in this century in all fields and embracing ‘progress’. By Regressive I mean going back to the 1800’s or earlier in thinking about all fields (especially science).

    Anyway, you say you will be out of touch for awhile, so it looks like our discussion ends here. However when you are in the area again please feel free to contact me in person.

  2. What a load of Donkey manure! No intelligent woman, senior or otherwise would believe the nonsense that is being spewed. With no record to run on, there is no other choice but to try scare tactics….won’t work! The only way Obama will be reelected is through voter fraud! God help us if that happens! NO, don’t vote Obama!

    • Sir or Madam, Many intelligent people believe that Pres. Obama is better for the country then Gov. Romney. No reason to denigrate many millions of people who will be voting for Pres. Obama. Many of us also have a very great sense of responsibility and feel that while slow, the recovery is on track. Of course it would be helped a great deal if both parties could learn to compromise for the good of the country and not their own political welfare (note I said both parties).

      Even if you dislike Obama there, unfortunately, have been worse presidents and through it all America has survived. And we will again.

      In another post you say that the only way Pres. Obama will win is through voter fraud. Now you’re just being silly.

      One more thing, just out of curiosity, why do you not sign your name? There seem to be a few of us who post on this forum, who, despite our very differing views are brave enough to put our names. Unfortunately, when you don’t put your actual name onto something people will not really take you that seriously.

      • Mr. Rosen, I don’t put my name on political responses or comments for fear of repercussions (even unconsciously) directed toward children who attend public schools. I am sure you are aware that most teachers are ultra liberal, Obama supporters, and have voiced such in class, to the dismay of many parents who have found it necessary to complain. Teachers who are conservative, deeply resent their union dues being spent in support of Obama, but often remain silent in the company of their co-workers so as not to cause “friction”, especially in front of children.
        I am not worried about being taken “seriously” by omitting my name. The words themselves voice the opinion of many, regardless of the author. Offensive as they may sound to liberals, it is difficult to remain silent when they spew such mindless blather, especially about women’s rights. Give women more credit for taking care of themselves!
        You claim that there is no reason to denigrate “others”? I have read your own responses to “others” in the past, names attached on both sides, and I often find you to be unnecessarily rude to anyone whose opinions differ from your own. However your response to me, sarcasm aside, was unusually “civil”.
        No, voter fraud is not silly, it is serious and it happened…remember ACORN? As for this country surviving another four years of Obama, God forbid, I’m am very fearful that America would never again be a strong nation. Gov. Romney has the experience, the knowledge and the desire to bring this country back to prosperity and he has worked with both sides, successfully. He is a good man and will make a great president!

        • Sir/Madam, I see no sarcasm in my response to you, but no matter. You say you have seen my responses in the past and they are, at times “unnecessarily rude to anyone whose opinions differ from mine” (“your own”). Would you say your quote “spew such mindless blather” is rude to others who do not hold your opinion? I love it when the pot calls the kettle black. Did you ever think that what you write some people would call mindless blather (but if they did I guess they would be wrong because only you are right and can say that to other people)?

          Your letter smacks of the hatred for liberals that others in this forum have had in the recent past. It is just this type of thinking that prevents anything from getting done in Washington and has had for many years.

          I agree that Gov. Romney is a good man, and some of his policies will personally help me out financially (no cap gains taxes. etc.), However, I still feel that I have to forego my own good at times to do the right thing on a larger scale and that includes voting for Pres. Obama again. And whoever wins I would certainly hope that their agenda is to compromise with the other party.

          I am not sure I accept your response for your name to remain anonymous, but if you feel that you are protecting your children, then that is certainly the right thing to do. I do love it when you say though that most teachers are ultra liberal. I wonder if classifying most of any group is right (I could say that most mass murderers are ultra conservative, but that would be sarcasm – so I won’t say it). Or if teachers are ultra liberal is it because most teachers are educated? (Are most scientists ultra liberal too?) I also wonder if your definition of ultra liberal is anyone who is not Tea Party? Personally, while I am liberal (center more than ultra liberal) on most issues, I am also conservative on many and have mixed feelings on many others (see the arguments for both sides). Although being labeled in these forums as Ultra Liberal is fine, although not true. But, as I have also said, better to be a Progressive then a Regressive.

          • PS – thanks for reading my writings in this forum and I invite you or anyone interested to call me and discuss the matters that we have been writing about in the forum (whether you agree or disagree with what I have been writing). My number is in the phone book and on whitepages.com (Andrew L. Rosen 55-59, Wellington, FL 33414). Or get in touch with the Town Crier letters editor and he can get in touch with me too. ALway sup for a good discussion!

          • Mr. Rosen, I don’t hate anybody but I often hate what they do that affects others around them or an entire nation, especially when they promised otherwise. I don’t always vote along party lines, but vote for the person running, or skip that vote entirely. Most teachers are intelligent, caring people who chose the profession to make a difference in a child’s life and they deserve respect. Most do a great job regardless of party affiliation…including those in our family. I am using someone else’s computer for now and will be leaving soon, so will be out of touch. One last thing…the word “progressive” means socialist to most people and if by “regressive” you mean going back to our constitutional values, that is a good thing for this country. Enjoy you writing and perhaps I can catch up in a few weeks.

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