Letter: Work Together To Solve Problems

Once again, the nation has just endured another all-too-familiar, bitter, expensive, divisive election where politicians on both sides resorted to repulsive gutter politics, a tactic that most of the electorate is quite fed up with.

When will the politicians ever learn? Extreme polarization in American politics has led to voter frustration, and it was obviously played out at the ballot. There is absolutely no need for animosity. There is no need to be far right or far left; how about a centrist approach for a change? Not only would the nation welcome it, I’d say that it is well overdue, and our success as a nation depends on it.

To President Obama and all the elected officials, I congratulate you all. To Mitt Romney and the unsuccessful candidates, my commiseration; however, some of you brought your defeat upon yourselves. Many of my fellow American voters were turned off by your negative campaigns, which undoubtedly cost you votes. Money cannot buy life, nor can it by political office. Except in rare cases, the electorate is not dumb.

Let me congratulate the Town-Crier for your fair and unbiased coverage of Democracy 2012. Unlike the gutless Palm Beach Post, you made your endorsements (some of which I did not agree with), but that is what democracy is all about.

Where is your spine, Palm Beach Post? I spoke to several of the candidates before and after the election, from Lois Frankel to Allen West. Frankel was very humble. Allen West was a completely different person from the one making outrageous statements. Almost every sentence was punctuated with “God bless you,” and at the end of our conversation, I decided that the jury was still out on Mr. West. Mary Lou Berger and Shelley Vana were also very humble.

Like many others, I will be watching very closely to see if the two new county commissioners, Berger and Hal Valeche, will be clones for ex-commissioners Burt Aaronson and Karen Marcus. Will it be business as usual, or will they bring in a new perspective to the board? Will Commissioner Jess Santamaria continue to be outvoted repeatedly on most items because of the influence that special interests have?

The answers to these questions will be known shortly. In my neck of the woods, The Acreage, Carlos Enriquez was unseated in the race for Seat 2 [on the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors], and Michelle Damone retained Seat 4 in a less-than-convincing fashion. Acreage voters are looking for an improved performance from Indian Trail; supervisors, be warned and take note.

Shame on Gov. Rick Scott for supporting and signing House Bill 1355, legislation that was designed to suppress the votes of minorities, young people and working women. While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned tirelessly in Florida, Gov. Scott was conspicuous by his absence. My message to Republicans: You cannot alienate such a large section of the electorate and expect to get their votes. A lesson in demographics needs to be learned.

My message to Democrats: For the good of our great nation, it is imperative that you continue to reach out to the Republicans. Compromise. In Congress, we have far too many Republicans, far too many Democrats and not enough Americans. To both sides, I say, the people have spoken; please don’t defy the will of the American people.

Karl Witter
The Acreage