Letter: In Perpetuity’ Means Forever

Three of our Palm Beach County commissioners have taken it upon themselves to change the time-honored and universally accepted definition (see Webster’s dictionary) of the word perpetuity from “forever, unending” to “whenever we feel like it!” They should be ashamed of themselves. And for us, whom they are supposed to be representing, this is even scarier than it may sound. What’s next? Our environmental areas protected “in perpetuity?”

I do not live in Century Village, but if this betrayal can happen to them, it can happen to any of us. The residents of Century Village were promised a golf course. What they are now getting is a run-down deplorable piece of property intentionally ignored by the owner as a tactic to gain approval to build a community that is opposed by the majority. If this property owner cannot even have the parcel mowed and cleaned up, why would anyone believe that he could build and maintain a whole community in a proper manner?

In perpetuity means forever! My fellow Palm Beach County residents, make your representatives accountable to you. Do not allow them to redefine the conditions of a contract; if they get away with it now, what’s next?

Arlene Olinsky
Royal Palm Beach