Letter: Wellington Dog Park Improvements

Thank you, Wellington, for yet another enhancement to the very popular dog park. Many of the daily users of the park have asked me to represent them in thanking you for the new walking path you have provided.

Residents often write to complain about one thing or another. This letter is to say thank you. We asked for an improved park, and you are in the process of delivering. We now have a much-used pavilion that provides shade and protection from the elements. The walking path is actively engaging dog owners, which, in turn, engages the dogs to more activity. We hope that you will continue to support improvements and look forward to the completion of the path on the other large park as well as the pavilion for the small dog park.

During the winter season, the dog park easily entertains 120 or more dogs and owners in the evening and another 30-plus in the morning and afternoons. This is an active park.

We appreciate the efforts that have been made and look forward to Wellington having one of the best dog parks in the western communities.

Linda Haughn