Letter: Criminals Get Assault Weapons

In response to a recent letter, I find that no one in government nor civilians know what an assault weapon is. By definition, an assault weapon can fire multiple rounds each time the trigger is pulled. These weapons cannot be legally purchased in the U.S. However, criminals buy them off the street. As far as being religious, Islamists are religious and enjoy murdering innocent Jews and Christians every day. How does Inshallah sound?

Richard Waite, The Acreage


  1. Write on brother. (pun intended) To add to your erudite opinion, following is a quote from a 12 year old girl who makes more sense than the elite low information voter who is simply afraid of guns because such a person has no idea how to handle one safely:

    “By signing this legislation, you are not signing away gun violence but instead liberating American citizens of our constitutional rights,” Merkle said. “You are not eliminating guns from society but instead limiting our ability to protect our lives, liberty and pursuits of happiness.”Hi

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