Letter: Thanks SFF For Barrett-Jackson

I have been living in Wellington for the past five years and am so pleased to see all the many local events that are here for everyone to be a part of.

Just recently I attended the Barrett-Jackson car show at the South Florida Fairgrounds. It was really a treat for my family and out-of-town guests. They were so excited that such a big event would be right here in Palm Beach County. We were fortunate to be able to get VIP passes and enjoyed seeing all the cars and auto exhibits.

It was good to see many of our area celebrities being a part and supportive with their attendance also. I was very pleased to see our own Wellington Councilman Matt Willhite and his wife with Mr. Don Dufresne. I think having such support is important as it encourages others to come out.

I am looking forward to going again next year, as well as to all the wonderful concerts and family fun in our village. Thank you to the fair for giving us so many choices for good family entertainment.

Nell Hagen-Altman, Wellington