Letter: Horse Park Could Be A Win-Win

At present we have an ever-thriving and growing equestrian community, which supports our economy and especially our local stores. Now we are visited upon by the possibility of growing out this community, but not just the current one-third of the year, but perhaps all year. I’m speaking of the recent proposal and discussions involving bringing a western horse facility to the K-Park site off State Road 7.

Imagine the smiles on our children’s faces as they watch cowboys and cowgirls racing around barrels, reining, team penning, rodeos and perhaps a learning/teaching center on horses. Some fields might be able to be used by Wellington community sports when available — a double incentive.

This is a part of America’s past and present, it is part of every child’s imagination, and if the village could sell the K-Park site and make money in the process, it seems to be a winner.

I would rather a possible hotel and equestrian stores be on SR 7 than in the middle of our equestrian community. There would be no traffic associated with widening South Shore Blvd. and Lake Worth Road (at the taxpayers’ expense, in the millions), and it wouldn’t be dividing our equestrian community by a four-lane road, hazardous to both horses/riders and traffic. This would appear to be an ideal and befitting circumstance for all Wellingtonians, especially our children.

With careful planning this could complete the equestrian circle of all kinds of horses/riders and activities and be all year round. It would make a worldwide known equestrian community better and all encompassing — the best equestrian village in the world.

I would like to emphasize “careful planning.”

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Does Mr. Unger realize that the proposed K-Park he supports means higher taxes? The Equestrian Village on South Shore is private enterprise and will not cost taxpayers a cent. In fact it will generate revenue that will actually lower our taxes. We should consider the source because Mr. Unger has been consistent on is his opposition to private development.

  2. The writer fails to mention the trailers and RVs on the property -with Councilman Greene even suggesting (at an Agenda Review mtg) that perhaps the unwanted RVs proposed for the Equestrian Preserve area could be dumped on this KPark site! The elite equestrians did not want RVs on their properties, so let’s dump the RV and trailers on the KPark site!

    As a matter of fact, the equestrians don’t want the Bellissimo plan for the old polo fields, so let’s dump equestrian events near SR 7, put up more retail shops (wow, what high paying jobs) and another rectangular hotel (wow, what high paying jobs!) near one of the busiest roadways in the western communities! That works, horses and vehicles!

    Do equestrians run the Village of Wellington? Does the Village Council bow and scrape before any equestrian who wants what they want, when they want it? That goes for both sides – the Jacob’s crowd and the Bellissimo crowd.

    Wellington residents are patsies and the Council bows down to any equestrian group.

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