Letter: Council Is Clueless

Does it seem to other readers that the “Gang of Three” on the Wellington Village Council is clueless? Since the last election, the gang has become embroiled in lawsuit after lawsuit and spent thousands of dollars in legal fees rather than on something that actually improves the quality of life here.

They have alienated the equestrian community that pours millions into Wellington businesses and helps to keep our property taxes within reason. They have fired the village’s attorney and are looking to fire Village Manager Paul Schofield, both for reasons yet unspecified — even to the two other members of council.

But wait, there’s more! Now, at the mayor’s suggestion, they plan to resolve the impasse over Schofield’s status by spending even more of our money to hire a “management consultant” (read: therapist) to help everyone play nice. All of this has appeared in the papers, embarrassing each of us and making the council appear childish, petty and unprofessional.

In these tough times, we want to ensure that our property taxes are being spent wisely for things such as a new village hall, parks, landscaping, etc. (as in the last administration), not for therapists, lawyers and lawsuits. At the next election, remember all of this and vote out these dysfunctional marionettes who don’t seem to realize that they were elected to represent the entire community, not special interests, not specific individuals, and certainly not their biases and egos.

Dr. Alec Pridgeon, Wellington