Letter: Elected Officials Should Stay Away From Developers

Recently, the developer for Callery-Judge Groves contacted the president and vice president of The Acreage Landowners Association (ALA) requesting a private meeting with each. To their credit, these officers told the developer they would not meet privately and they invited the developer to come to one of the ALA monthly meetings to discuss their plans and ideas before the membership.

Shortly after, the same developers met with an ITID elected supervisor in the ITID offices. Another ITID supervisor happened to stop by the ITID offices and saw and greeted the developers and promptly started handing out this supervisor’s business cards as a representative of a roofing company. This is totally improper. This is why developers should not meet privately with elected officials.

I hope the County Ethics Commission or the county inspector general will look into this as soon as possible. One of our ITID supervisors is considering running for our county commission seat. Imagine if this supervisor in question is the supervisor considering a run for our commission seat and wins. This supervisor will need to significantly increase his/her business card supply tremendously in order to pass them out of the county commissioner’s office when meeting and dealing with developers.

Ed Zakrzewski
The Acreage


  1. Ed, these people should be named if you have verifiable proof. If you don’t then it is all speculation on your part. I’m all for accountability of our so called “officials”, but we also need to know names if we are to not vote for them in the future.

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