Letter: Need Help To Identify Acreage Sign Stealer

As many of you know, The Acreage Landowners Association, a nonprofit organization, presents a free event, The Acreage Community Park Music Jam, the third Saturday of the month ninth months of the year.

You may or may not realize this event is prepared for and presented by a very small group of volunteers.

Earlier this year, after lengthy communications, the ALA coordinated permission with ITID and PBC Code Enforcement to allow event signage to be put up in specific locations no more than six days preceding the event and taken down by noon the day after the event. The ALA volunteers are diligent to make sure these guidelines are followed to the T.

Apparently there is a person or person(s) in the area removing many of these signs. This person(s) is essentially stealing from a not-for-profit organization by taking these signs. The signs cost money, which as with many not-for-profit organizations is in short supply.

There is no Acreage Community Park Music Jam in August, so we will not be putting the few remaining signs up again until September.

I would like to request that the residents assist in finding the culprit by photographing any person(s) and their license tag that you see removing the signs, even if it’s an official vehicle. If it’s an official vehicle, we will report the problem to the supervisor of the representative.

Because permission specifically for these signs has been previously arranged, this request is regarding the Acreage Community Park Music Jam signs only.

Thank you to anyone who can be of assistance.

Arlene Pollock
The Acreage