Letter: Ignoring Village Codes On Purpose?

Recently I read an article in the daily paper about how spokespersons for [Palm Beach Polo owner] Glenn Straub assert that they are being picked on. Wow. This has been going on for years, not just the two asserted. There were issues over an environmentally sensitive area, numerous lawsuits, etc., so where does this accusation against the new Wellington Village Council only have validity? Sure, right now another entity beholden to Straub (the mortgage holder) has issues because he builds without permits, takes down village signs and now once again, from a similar source, construction is done without permitting.

It was aggravated by them adding their own power (a generator) after the village cut power to the new floodlights. I might be wrong, but there might be serious safety issues involved. Yes they might feel the new council is unjust, but that’s because the previous one never said no to them.

We, just like every single city, county, state and federal governmental agency, have rules. They are made for everyone. The developer/owner, etc., of said property is an intelligent, successful businessman, so either he ignores the code on purpose or his workers do, but either way, where is the personal responsibility? Is this about perceived entitlement or just error or poor planning?

I have been involved in this village before incorporation, during and afterward, and have never witnessed the accumulation of issues that exist with this entity, involving permitting and construction without permits. It seems simple, actually childish, to put in for permits, play by the rules and yes, complain when the rules change (which they did in one instance) but otherwise, respect our codes and be a good citizen.

The excuses are tiring, and the only reason the people complain about “for the last two years it has been a nightmare,” is because of the inability to get proper permits and building without them. Once again, this has been going on for a lot longer than two years; same problems, only now they are more pronounced as they attempt to build out.

The admission that “5,000 pounds of concrete got poured into the ground” says it all. Without permits, case closed.

This reminds me of when I was a police officer and the responses I received after issuing a summons. It was never “I was wrong,” but rather, “What about that other guy?” If you keep violating the codes, you keep being the one fined, the recidivism means you are the other guy.

George Unger


  1. George Unger is actually making me have second thoughts about Straub. Maybe he is not as bad as I thought.

    Unger is an habitual truth distorter who for years has placed mean-spirited comments in this newspaper that have attacked everyone.

  2. When a property owner has chronic, ongoing problems and makes excuses, not only in Wellington, but with their other property in the Town of Palm Beach, is indicative of someone who only wants to play by their own rules and who enjoys thumbing their nose at the rest of society.

    The issues are within the individual.

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