On Vacation? Beware Hidden Hotel Fees


So, you suspected now that the airline industry is gouging millions and millions from endless and uncalled for fees, other industries might follow suit? You were right! Now it is the hotel industry that is piling on the excesses.

Over the many years, we were used to city and state tariffs tacked on to our check-out bill. Of course, there is always sales tax. But now, my traveling friends, keep your eyes open for resort usage, airport pickup, parking and even gym fees. There is also a room fee above and beyond whatever is delivered.

Wait, there are more fees. Don’t touch the room’s mini-bar unless you take something from it. If items are out of place… yup, there may well be a fee. You can also get charged for a bellman, whether used or not, as well as a room safe, even if not touched, and checking in either early or late.

Many also charge for in-room Internet, most common in luxury hotels. One of the newest fees, believe it or not, is parking in an open, unattended lot.

They say the hotel industry may well collect a record $2.1 billion in fees this year.

My suggestion: take a close look at your check-out bill. I sure will.