Letter: Special Interests At Work Fighting Independent IG

Questions continue to arise regarding the failure of the County Clerk’s Office to release funding for the Office of the Inspector General. The fact that out of 38 cities, 24 cities approved funding, while only 14 cities refused with lawsuits sheds light on the urgency of implementing fully, not only the Office of the Inspector General, but an independent Office of the Inspector General.

Seventy-two percent of the electorate, a mandate, and 24 cities bring serious questions regarding the failure of the County Clerk’s Office in executing the mandate.

The rumored pretense is that the clerk’s failure to execute stems from fears that if the lawsuits brought by the 14 cities are successful, the clerk would find it difficult to get back the funding once the checks are released.

There exists another scenario, a more likely one, and that is that special interests are exerting pressure on the County Clerk’s Office to delay funding and implementation of an independent Office of the Inspector General with a wide range of investigative powers.

The other issue that raises questions is why, under the original proposal and language, the vendors who were supposed to be funding the Office of the Inspector General have had a free ride because there’s been a loss of political memory of what their role was in the funding agreed upon. The taxpayers were never supposed to be part of the equation, but to get the support the special interests have changed the argument to make it appear that taxpayers have somehow been tricked into support of a proposal not in their best interests. Such is the intent of special interests to manipulate for the benefit of vendors.

More than ever before, we need an independent Office of the Inspector General, which would limit the ability of special interests to continue to corrupt our county and cities.

It is incumbent of us all to support an independent Office of the Inspector General to help rid ourselves of self-serving politicians from West Palm Beach and the 13 other cities. We, who pay the bills and salaries of people who fail to represent us, must replace them.

Richard Nielsen
Royal Palm Beach


  1. Only 14? that is more than half the municipalities. What difference does it make is you pay for the IG out of your taxes to the municipality or the county? it still costs you the same.

    The municipalities will probably win the suit that is why the Clerk is not turning over the money. Also a stakeholder can not turn over money to either party until the dispute is

    If you do the math you will realize that governments have to spend so much on contracts to generate $7.5 million dollars a year that it will bankrupt them. the devil is always in the details.

    Your slanderous remarks about the honest politicians who are opposing the funding on constitutional grounds does not do you credit. nor will any thinking well informed person be persuaded by your arguments.

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