Letter: Hospital Needs More Parking

What is the deal with the parking situation now at Palms West Hospital? It was bad before, and now they have added this valet parking, blocked off a section of the lot, creating a near impossible parking situation.

Do I really want to leave my vehicle with a teenage valet when I need to make a five-minute stop at the hospital? Does this warrant a tip? Why does the valet section have numerous vacant slots that I could use to park my vehicle, had they not been blockaded? Should I need to be attended to for an elongated period of time, what now becomes of my keys that this teenager has in his possession? Need I be worrying about my vehicle and parking it if I am in need of emergency care?

These types of questions need some answering now that Palms West, like other area hospitals, has implemented valet parking. Oh, by the way, they have also placed tow-away signs in the hospital’s adjacent lots, so you are unable to park your vehicle there either. Maybe instead of spending all those dollars in the ER waiting time sign competition, Palms West should be spending some money on more parking, or a multi-layered parking facility.

Donald Reese, The Acreage