Letter: Beware Golf Carts On Roads

I have been reading about the discussions to allow golf carts on some of Wellington’s roadways.

In order for cars to be allowed on our roadways, they must have seat belts, hydraulic bumpers to cushion accidents and a host of other safety features. Both the federal government and states have rules and requirements for vehicles operating on roadways to protect drivers and passengers. Golf carts have none of these features.

Most of these regulations and laws are founded upon safety as the paramount issue. States require insurance, and contrary to Equestrian Committee Member Linda Elie’s statement that “licensed drivers would have insurance in case of an accident,” sadly this is untrue. Auto insurance goes by the vehicle, not the driver, and no policy covers golf carts unless expressly asked for and paid for.

Before we mix cars and golf carts, please consider the potential for horrific accidents and lack of insurance. If you must operate a golf cart on a village street, at minimum the operator should have a driver’s license and insurance, just as all other vehicles do.

I have already seen the results of accidents with golf carts; everyone is thrown out and the injuries are very serious. Consider safety over convenience. Just as horses and golf carts don’t mix well, cars and golf carts don’t mix any better.

We got along quite well so far without adding golf carts to our roadways. A proliferation of them will keep the police and our hospitals busy. Why not ask the experts what they think, such as the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, before moving ahead.

George Unger, Wellington