Letter: The Loss Of An Effective Inspector General

Regarding the pending departure of Inspector General Sheryl Steckler, now that the die has been cast, I find it politically revealing that the same people who supported the position of the 14 cities, Bob Weisman and Mayor Steve Abrams, expediently see the value of the Office of the Inspector General, without any real investigative powers, of course, and preferably under the jurisdiction of the clerk’s office .

The past display of passion in denying the inspector general tools to do her job effectively would have been better served supporting the office. Underfunded? If you mean that the efforts by the aforementioned individuals were successful, you’re right, but it wouldn’t have been if there was more positive support for funding, and let’s not forget the shameful 14 cities that contributed to her resignation. I believe it is insincere and politically patronizing to laud the accomplishments of an office after writing in opposition to that office, at its demise.

Where was that passion to support the Office of the Inspector General? Why did 14 cities not want “a lion with teeth,” an office which could have served the people of Palm Beach County instead an office in name only?

Why would any city, town or municipality not want an inspector general with powers to get the job done?

Suggestions to limit the investigative powers came from the same people who want to continue the status quo. “Corruption County” was not media hype, but an earned title, and the fact that they want to limit the investigative powers of the inspector general does not bode well for the citizens of Palm Beach County.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach