Letter: Assault Is Not A ‘Game’

I find it sad and revealing that the media often become a willing participant in reporting serious crimes in a way that makes it appear that the media are interested not in reporting what is, in this case, a heinous crime, but only to sell newspapers and attract more viewers.

The Knock Out “Game” should not be fueled or reported as a game, for it is serious assault and a crime that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Reporting this crime as a “game,” even though the participants may describe it in those terms, panders to the lowest common element and comes close to encouraging and romanticizing assault on helpless and innocent people who have not only suffered injury but also death. There was a time — and in my lifetime — where the media did not encourage their reporters to write obscene copy, and consideration was given for the gravity of the effects on others considering continuing to make criminal assault a game.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach