Letter: The Company Abrams Keeps

I would indeed be remiss if I didn’t comment on Frank Morelli’s recent description of County Commissioner Steve Abrams, whom he apparently admires and holds as an example of a laudatory life.

As I remember, and as some quick fact-checking verifies, I don’t understand what constitutes such high praise. Harkening back to 2008 when Mr. Abrams was a full partner in Scott Rothstein’s law firm, problems with the legal system began, detailed in a series of articles in The Palm Beach Post. Investigations concluded that Mr. Rothstein was complicit in a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme for which he received 50 years in prison.

This brings into question Mr. Abrams’ wisdom in associating with a law firm involved in such activity, and Mr. Morelli’s choice for praise. Mr. Morelli would have been better off with someone more praiseworthy, someone who contributes his entire salary paid to him serving the people of Palm Beach County — someone like County Commissioner Jess Santamaria!

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Santamaria is a self righteous and selfish person. He has voted to protect his real estate interests while calling everyine else crooks.

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