Letter: Parent Pleads For WCS Support

My daughter, Lauren, is currently in the seventh grade at Wellington Christian School. She has attended the school since PK-3. The teachers and staff have become like a family to her over the years. They all know her on a personal, spiritual and academic level. I know she is the grounded, well-rounded person she is today because of the caring teachers and staff. As a parent, I knew right from the beginning that Lauren would graduate from WCS, and it was quite a devastating blow to hear that the high school may close due to finances.

Another major concern is the amazing teachers who have poured their heart and soul not only into seeing Lauren succeed, but all the other students as well. If the high school closes, they will lose their jobs. This is especially hard because over the years, they have not only become my friends, but also partners in my daughter’s education.

As I close this letter, I plead with our community and ask if anyone can help us financially to save our school, please consider doing so. Like so many countless families and their children, I depend on this wonderful, private school in the Wellington area.

Dustine Traver, Royal Palm Beach