Letter: ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Or Wellington?

I would recommend that councilmen [Matt] Willhite, [John] Greene and [Howard] Coates see the picture Dr. Strangelove made in 1964 with Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden and George C. Scott. Hayden is a crazed general who gives the orders to drop atomic bombs on Russia because they are fluoridating our drinking water. Looks like our Tea Party fanatics have won again. What is next, removing books from our library that the Tea Party doesn’t like?

The people of Wellington will be the laughing stock of the nation. Let the people of Wellington decide if they want fluoridation of our drinking water. Put it on the ballot. Some people will have second thoughts about moving into Wellington, now hostile to science.

I can’t wait to kick Willhite, Greene and Coates off our council.

Martin Shapiro, Wellington