Letter: Register Your Opinion On Horse Trails

Regarding our equestrian trails, I have been riding our wonderful trails for 20 years and wish to stop public works from ruining them and also spending a great amount of tax money in the process. Horses work on grass and dirt very well, not on ground up road waste and other material that has to be purchased, mixed and spread. This is unnecessary, harmful to horses’ feet and costly. At the very least, our village residents and equestrians should have a vote in this matter.

We have approached this matter before, in 2013, and I wonder why public works is still persisting. I refer to the material on the trails as “gravel.” Whatever it is called, it can injure both horses and riders in a fall.

The “test” area is at the trail entry 100 yards east of the corner of Appaloosa Trail and Greenbriar Blvd., north to the canal near Rolling Rock Road.

Please send your opinions to the mayor, village manager, council members and [Wellington Equestrian Committee Chair] Cynthia Gardner. Please participate!

Peter Granata, Wellington


  1. The Village can never satisfy equestrians. The Village has established a hotline for equestrians and equestrians have their own committee that meets regularly on equestrian issues.

    At the last Equestrian meeting there was a complaint about the the stone trail heads. They were too narrow for horses to proceed through. Well, dang, equestrians tested and approved those stoned pillars! Now, they want them removed?!

    Go to these Equestrian Committee meetings and get on the same page. Form a consensus on these matters and stop harrassing the Village staff, who only seek to please equestrians.

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