Letter: Realtor Not In Favor Of New Minto Project

I read Bill Louda’s letter (Louda On Minto West’s Mailer, Feb. 14) with applause. And yes, I’ve been a Realtor in the western communities since 1982. Needless to say, I have witnessed many changes — some good, some not so good — and the Minto development would be an atrocity to this area.

I, too, received the mailer, and as it slipped from my fingers into the recycle bin, I thought to myself, “They must think the folks out here walk around wearing dunce caps.” Old Florida… are they kidding? Downtown Stuart, Mt. Dora and Clewiston are Old Florida. Perhaps they should take a ride, and they will see that these towns are not filled with “count your way home” concrete boxes.

I have many friends living in the various Loxahatchee neighborhoods, and it is such a pleasure to visit them and see how they enjoy their land without the intrusion of their neighbors’ security lights shining in their living room windows, which is one of the amenities that Minto has to offer! Not to mention the traffic as the “lucky” homeowners will be leaving when the rooster crows so they can get to work on time.

Oh, but Minto will have you believe they will provide jobs to so many who can walk to work. Standing behind a counter serving ice cream will not pay for their “Minto Lifestyle.” In closing, I would like to say to all Loxahatchee residents — wise up and rise up to stop them, because once those shovels go in the ground, your lifestyle as you know it will change and there will be no going back.

Pat Evans, Wellington



  1. SamuelR:

    I just checked our membership on Acreage Hitching Post. Unless you are using a different name, we have no “Samuel” as a member of our group.

    Of more importance: your accusation of members being vilified for holding a pro Minto stance is blatantly false. We welcome all to join our group regardless of their views, but we hold those individuals to the same standard to which we are held: provide FACTUAL information to support your stance. We debate all issues but do so in a civil manner without threat of personal attacks. Below please find one of our rules regarding group behavior:

    “Spamming, flaming, personal attacks, name calling, etc., are unwelcome, and such posts may be removed solely at the discretion of this Group’s Moderators. Repeated violations will result in removal from the Group. Free speech is encouraged; however, such speech should be offered with respect, in the same manner as you would politely address those you might be speaking with personally and directly in public.”

    Unlike another Facebook group (and you might be confusing our group with that group), our administrators AND members strive to provide an environment free from “vilification.” If you aren’t a member, we encourage you to join and join in the discussions. If you wish a debate on Minto, do bring your FACTUAL information to the discussion table.

  2. Every one is friendly as long as you are saying no to Minto.
    God forbid you agree with the scope of the project as you will be vilified, especially in The Hitching Post.

    • Individuals on the Acreage Hitching Post Facebook page are passionate about maintaining their life style, just like individuals on another Facebook page are adamant on their viewpoints for the project. This is a refreshing article by a real estate agent who is not looking at this development with dollars in her eyes, but the compassion of knowing what she feels is best for her Community. I applaud her for that.

  3. Why do individuals think the notominto group is hate driven? We are a passionate group of individuals who want to preserve the life style we selected for ourselfs. That life style includes traveling a distance for amenities such as gas, grocery stores, and retail services. Granted, I am paying more in gas and car maintenance, but that is my choice.

    In return, I see stars for the first time in 50 years, I see people on horses on roads, not on some paid for trail, I see goats and pigs and geese and donkeys and turkeys and roosters and chickens and and and….. I love this home called Loxahatchee. I can’t believe I stumbled across this slice of paradise when I moved here from Wisconsin three years ago.

    I am terrified of a large development coming in. Afraid of urban sprawal, afraid of big box stores, crime, pollution, noise, traffic and all the negatives I have seen living in a city.

    No, the notominto group is not hate driven, outspoken, well-informed and passionate. They share their thoughts and ideas. They direct residents where factual information is located on the PBC website. They are the best and will continue to fight for not only themselves, but their neighbors and friends, something you don’t find in city living.

  4. SamuelR:

    We are driven not by hate but by LOVE for The Acreage, its character, its identity, and our way of life. Rest assured we have read EVERY document available to us AND have made these documents available to others to peruse. You may view what we have on our Facebook page: Acreage Hitching Post or visit our website: http://www.notominto.com.

    Were you in attendance at the Town Hall meeting hosted by the Acreage Land Owner’s Association (ALA) on February 19? Do you know that the voter outcome was at least a 90% vote AGAINST Minto’s proposed development (6500 homes, 1.4 million square feet of commercial/industrial, a hotel, university and spring baseball training field). If you weren’t in attendance, you may view the video of the Town Hall at loxahatcheeradio.com. Perhaps it will help clear some of the sand out of YOUR eyes and open your mind to the reality that what Minto wants to do is NOT in character with The Acreage and surrounding areas and is detrimental to why most of us moved here: to ESCAPE urbanization.

    For anyone interested in helping to defeat Minto’s proposal, I invite you to join The Acreage Hitching Post on Facebook. We need volunteers and there are so many ways you can help. Come to our road side rally this Saturday (February 22); we’ll be at the old Winn Dixie plaza; you can’t miss us. Come and talk to us. We’re well informed from traffic impact to job analysis. Hope to see you on Facebook and at the road side rally!

    WE ARE THE ACREAGE and we all need to “wise up and rise up” against OVER-development!

    Jean Edwards

  5. I find it interesting that those who are in favor of the development have not taken the time to read the application however instead rely on the Minto sales pitch and misrepresentations in their advertisements. All you have to do is read their application to find how many misrepresentations there are! To assume people who are opposed have not read the application, shows who the uninformed one is. Minto purchased a piece of land with the right to build at what it is approved at. What they are proposing is a monstrocity that threatens to destroy our lifestyles. We are a diverse, intelligent, educated and informed community. The more people learn the truth of the proposed increase and how it will affect our lifestyles, the more people object. We bought into a lifestyle and no developer, official or County Commissioner should have the write to sell it out. Don’t give Minto one more home or commercial or industrial sq foot than they are already approved for. There is already enough approved to satisfy the needs of our residents and the new developments coming. We must look at the big picture not at one development in a vacuum, and look down the road for what this means for our whole community and the County as well. Where will people move to in Palm Beach County for a rural or exurban lifestyle when it is all destroyed by developers? Where will families who want to raise their families in less dense areas, without homeowner associations, non-stop traffic congestion and pollution go? Where will the small farmer who wants to have chickens, goats, cows go? Where will the hobby horse farmers go? Where will the small gardeners go? Think about what you are changing because once we go down this road it will be forever changed. I trust you will consider all these things prior to forming an opinion about people who are opposed. The ones opposed have a lot at stake, a lifestyle we bought into!

  6. I find it hilarious that those who oppose Minto West are so hate driven they don’t even read the documents that are presented them. How can you make an informed decision when you put your head in the sand?

    • I have read and re-read every document. Watched all meetings. Gone to all websites. Looked at all maps. Spent hours upon hours trying to understand it all. Mintopolis is what they are trying to create. A city in a rural area. It’s wrong. Commissioners Please say NO TO MINTO!

  7. Please if you are reading this, take the time to write ALL of the PBC Commissioners, not just Santamaria. You don’t have to write a novel, just a few lines stating that you do not support the project. They usually take a tally for/against, so please take the time TODAY to sent your email. It is especially important since most of the meetings about this project happen when we are all at work, and Minto has the funding and representation to make the appearance that they are Just what we need in the Acreage/Loxahatchee.

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