Letter: RPB Needs Pedestrian/Bike Park Entrances

I would like to comment on the article “Royal Palm Council Drops New Entrances From Park Changes” published last week. I emphatically disagree with the decision not to add the bike/pedestrian entrances to Commons Park, as was in the original master plan.

It appears that 32 residents decided that they didn’t want anyone to access the new park from their neighborhood. A passive bike/pedestrian entrance would allow everyone living in the Willows subdivision to access the park by foot or bicycle without having to drive their car to the main entrance. This would reduce overall automobile traffic, reduce pollution, encourage the healthy activities of walking and biking, and allow those who live around the perimeter of the park, but not necessarily adjacent to the park, convenient access to the park from their neighborhood.

The 32 residents stated they feared additional traffic on their quiet street, which the village addressed by stating they would post signs. These 32 residents also stated that they were happy the village improved their properties by providing them with park-front property and they were happy the village purchased their neighborhood foreclosed property eye sore.

It seems to me that these residents want to enjoy their own “private” part of the public park, yet disallow any of the other 680 residents around the park (as well as those of us who ride from La Mancha) to enjoy more convenient access.

The village has always provided for the neighbors when making changes that affect them, and they currently have buffers planned to reduce the impact on those neighbors by the planned entrances. The entire path probably won’t be more than 4 feet wide with traffic barricades to prevent motor vehicles from entering. I ride my bicycle all over RPB and would appreciate several bike/pedestrian entrances into Commons Park. If you would like to see the bike/pedestrian entrances left in the master plan, please contact the village council (www.royalpalmbeach.com) and let them know your opinion. The voice of the all the people needs to be heard, not just 32 of them.

Linda Zaskey, Royal Palm Beach