Letter: Why Is The Democratic Party Involved?

As a lifelong Democrat, I am writing to express my outrage at the fact that the Florida Democratic Party has become involved in the Village of Wellington municipal election.

Not only is the Florida Democratic Party directing and funding the campaigns of Matt Kurit and Sharon Lascola, but they also have involved the same political hacks from Tallahassee who brought us the election debacle of two years ago. You remember, don’t you? They were cynically pushing an amendment to the municipal code regarding building restrictions that they quickly withdrew after the election was over. They paid people from outside of Wellington $20 an hour to knock on doors asking people to sign a petition, and made phone calls, and ran TV ads against Darell Bowen. Well, they’re back, courtesy of the Florida Democratic Party.

I cannot possibly understand why the Democratic Party would put up two unknown and previously uninvolved individuals (Ms. Lascola hasn’t even voted in Wellington in the past 11 years) to run for the council, and back them with hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a non-partisan election. There is no Democrat or Republican in this election. It is actually illegal to state whether you are a Democrat or Republican in a non-partisan election. There is no state or national political issue involved in this election, which is being fought along party lines.

The issues are: 1) Do you support the equestrian industry here in Wellington or not; 2) Should the village overspend its own budget to build a community center while moving the tennis courts to some outparcel the village owns on the eastern edge of the community; 3) How are we going to fix the drainage issues we have seen arise here in Wellington recently; and 4) What are we going to do with the K-Park site, as well as many other issues of local concern. Not a single issue relates to Democrats or Republicans.

Wellington, ask yourself why the Florida State Democratic Party would run two complete novices for our council, paid for by the state party, utilizing out-of-town consultants and campaign workers?

I, for one, am tired of outsiders trying to influence the outcome of our local elections with their own agenda and big money, without any concern for the consequences to us full-time residents. As a lifelong Democrat, I am going to vote for Howard Coates and Anne Gerwig, because they have lived here for years and understand our concerns, they are more experienced in local government, they are right on most of the important issues and are not controlled by outside interests. I hope that you will do the same.

It’s time to send a message to those who drop in from elsewhere with money and paid organizers and interfere in our business. Elect Anne Gerwig and Howard Coates and send them all a message to leave us alone!

Alexander L. Domb, Wellington



  1. I see the issues you’ve outlined, but have no idea where any of the candidates stand on any of them. Regarding where the money is coming from, why is this only an issue now that the Democrats are backing candidates? The Republicans have been doing it for years!

  2. Unfortunately, Anne Gerwig is allowing outsiders to pull her strings on the fluoridation issue. She’s being used to tout fluoridation in campaign flyers sent to homes without warning of fluoride’s adverse side effects.

    No Wellington resident is fluoride deficient and, in fact, could be fluoride overdosed as 60% of US adolescents are according to the CDC who are afflicted with dental fluorosis – discolored teeth.

    I’m shocked that a county that brags that its horse country when there are reports that horses, who drink lots of water, can be particularly harmed by fluoride

    See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TwwNZyRVOA

  3. Why is the Republican Party involved? Anne and Howard are both getting help – I have seen and received mailers stating they are paid for by the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

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