Letter: Not Impressed By Wellington Challengers

Here we go again? The campaign is in full swing for the Wellington Village Council, and I have been bombarded with phone calls, mailings and door hangers asking for my vote for the two challengers in the upcoming election. These operatives said they are being paid to do this and don’t live in Wellington. However, I have not had either candidate approach me once. The numerous mailers have come from Tallahassee and are not paid for by the candidates.

I had been hopeful that after the last election, where hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent by a special interest, that this would not be repeated. But it appears that we are being subjected to the same tactics. Being active in one’s affiliated party should not qualify a candidate for office. Being active in the village issues by attending council meetings and serving on numerous committees should be a requirement.

I suppose I was hoping that a local resident would run for office because of a desire to serve, but more importantly by having support and encouragement from the community that has witnessed their past involvement and commitment to the village.

A candidate should also be willing and able to tell voters why they should support them and show a track record of some sort. Newcomers should be more willing to make a case for their election over an experienced incumbent. By refusing to attend the traditional televised candidate forum, we voters are left with unanswered questions. If the residents don’t require more of our candidates, then we deserve what we get.

Gaye Scarpa, Wellington



  1. Really? is apparently one of the few who have access to the two phantom challengers and is most likely a shill of the Jacobs family which is again pouring hundreds of thousands into a village election. Wellington is not important to the Florida democratic Party. Contributions are being made to the Dem Super PAC that are earmarked for Wellington.

    The Jacobs family members are not even full-time seasonal residents. They are here only a few days a week during the season. They bought three seats in the last election and are now going for the other two.

    The voters of Wellington will hopefully not let them take complete control through attack ads and deceptive advertising for their puppet candidates.

    • I am no shrill. It’s 2014…pretty easy to see information on the internet. I will even provide you with links for info on all the candidates, if you’d like.

  2. I can’t take advice from a researcher who didn’t do research. Many efforts were made to accommodate the challengers’ schedule!

  3. Perhaps the demands on their time and priorties now are signs that the office will have to be a second thought.

  4. I’m so sick of everyone poking at the newcomers for not attending a ‘televised’ forum.

    I’m in the same boat as most and did not know who these people were before the phone calls, etc. But I did my homework (unlike the author of this letter), and it seems Mr. Kurit was in New Jersey and Ms. Lascola was taking care of her sick mother. Pretty good reasons for not attending, if you ask me.

    Lay off and do your own research like a good, informed voter.

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