Letter: Hmara Supports Matty Mattioli

I have worked with Matty Mattioli as a fellow Royal Palm Beach council member for two years, and during that time, I have learned a great deal by serving with him. Over the 20 years he has served on our council, he has developed a great feel for what the people of Royal Palm Beach want and need. Matty’s sense of where the village ought to go and what the village ought to look like has put us on a path that makes us more successful than many Palm Beach County municipalities. He has learned a lot through these experiences and has much wisdom to offer, which sometimes is discounted at a loss to all of us.
We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses. Occasionally and unintentionally we may present a challenge to those with whom we work, and even those we serve. Sometimes we choose the wrong phrase, make the wrong choice of words or make a poor attempt at humor. None of us is perfect, but when we bring a wealth of history, insight and caring to the table, the scales should tip in favor of the value we add to a discussion. Sometimes we speak with eloquence, sometimes through cliché and old sayings, and sometimes with humor. I have learned that experience and institutional knowledge are great assets for any organization, and that is especially true for an organization that performs the very unique function of municipal governing.
Matty has said that he wants to see the projects begun under his administration through to completion. The construction of the Aldi distribution center will begin serving new Aldi food retail stores throughout South Florida soon. Our new Commons Park is just beginning to blossom into the centerpiece of our community that attracts residents of all ages and provides opportunities for neighborly connections. We have much more to do to make this park all that it can be, as well as an efficient, cost-effective feature of our community, And, of course, the extensions of State Road 7 and Roebuck Road are two other projects that Matty wants to see to completion. Both of these road extensions will make a huge difference in our traffic situation as we continue to grow.
Yes, new ideas and fresh approaches are often just what a municipality needs to stay vibrant and progressive. But the trick is to know what the right mix of “new and fresh” is with “experience and wisdom.” Change can be a necessary thing, and often is when things aren’t going well. But when steady progress is being made toward a clear vision of what we could be in the future, and when our municipality is fiscally sound, then one should ask: is change the right thing at this point?

Vice Mayor Jeff Hmara, Royal Palm Beach