Letter: Support For Martha Webster

I wanted to give my thoughts on the Royal Palm Beach race. I could go on and write one of those long letters that I see in the Town-Crier and never finish, or I could just get to the point.

1. There are four candidates running, three against an incumbent mayor who has served… oh, I guess about a hundred years from all I hear. Three people running against you is an automatic “no.” Right there is something wrong with what the man has been doing.

2. There are two candidates who have never been in elected office, yet there are two council seats open, as well as the mayor seat. Right there is a “no.” What kind of person thinks they start at the top on the taxpayer dollar and in charge of the taxpayer dollar?

3. Then there is a candidate who has five years in a council seat and many other years on advisory boards in Royal Palm Beach, other cities and nonprofits. That candidate has a reliable record with no conflicts when I cross check professional references in different places. Right there is honesty and hard work. So go ahead and give it some thought, but I think this pretty much makes the case.

The answer for mayor is Martha Webster. I trusted her before, and I trust her now.

Frank Bibbo, Royal Palm Beach