Letter: Keep Partisan Politics Out Of Local Elections

Why would the residents of Wellington allow the Democratic Party, or any party, to destroy the very concept of impartial or non-political elections to be held in the Village of Wellington? The Florida Democratic Party, to which I am currently registered, in my opinion, has no business interfering with a system that has worked well over many years.

The only way for a democratic society to exist is to have diverse ideas and reasoning to prevail through presentation of different ideas with a majority vote. Now it seems a few members of the Democratic Party want full control to prevail. How can the Democratic Party claim they are for the working class of citizens, as they have been preaching for at least my 83 years of life?

Why is it that the Democratic Party stood silently by as the working class that they claim to protect has been losing their jobs, houses and even families? Why is the Democratic Party silently allowing more and more workers to lose full-time employment because of a so-called affordable health care plan? Under what cover has the Democratic Party, especially in Florida, been hiding?

I believe the cover is socialism! What better way to advance socialism than to destroy the middle class… and to make them more dependent on handouts and under more control of their lives by government. For the Democratic Party to claim a larger divide between those that have and some struggling to have a share is where the main cause lies. Some seem to forget most of those that have the so-called riches were and still are the working class. The very fact that candidates in local, non-partisan elections are extending their palms to any political party, I believe, is an indication they have no true experience to govern, have no platform of their own and are not leaders, but followers of some ideology solely for votes.

Hopefully most seniors have not been duped into believing the unbelievable. The present makeup of the Wellington Village Council has a good mixture of personalities and ideas, and I believe represents most Wellington residents. Why make a change solely because of a very small group of individuals that tries to control the council, claiming they represent far more residents than they do? Not all seniors are Democrats or union members, or ever were union members. All seniors should be aware of how they are truly represented as seniors solely and not included as a number to benefit a political party — either party. I am a senior. I worked for more than 44 years, serving in the Marines during the Korean War. I’m a 38-year member of an organized labor union, an organizer, registered Democrat and disappointed that our once-great democracy is now becoming a “give me” nation where it is possible for socialism to become more dominant.

Lee LeAndro, Wellington


  1. Well written. Agreed with most of the writers opinion. As for my part, I didn’t know what political affiliation any of the candidates had. That is, until after the elections that I read the article about the Florida Democratic Party meddling with a $52K injection of shameful bias in our local elections. Shows all you need to know about how far some will take it – unless they’re stopped.

    Writer, thanks for taking the time to express what many of us think.

  2. And as a former Democrat and now Independent, I agree. Wellington is being politically polarized by some of our elected officials.

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