Letter: Commissioner Taylor’s Tantrum

At the Palm Beach County Commission meeting held Monday, April 26, Commissioner Priscilla Taylor’s tantrum can only be described as outrageous conduct unbecoming of an elected official. That was not the first time she has done this. Outbursts like those do not belong in chambers. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the position of chairperson has gone to her head.

Taylor tried unsuccessfully to shut up two of her fellow commissioners, Paulette Burdick and Jess Santamaria. Kudos to them both for refusing to be intimidated.

She should apologize immediately. I think she belongs to “the group of four” commissioners who tends to vote together and was instrumental in overlooking Santamaria for the post of chairman.

He certainly must have touched a raw nerve when he suggested that Minto West’s final public hearing was purposely rescheduled as a ploy to vote on the project after he leaves office. If that was not the case, then why the outburst?

Most commissioners are jealous of Santamaria’s vast experience and achievements. He should remind them of it more often. He gives back to the community far more than he should, donating his entire wages to many worthy causes.

For some of the other commissioners, it’s all about taking the taxpayers for all they can get. The disrespecting of Santamaria started with Shelley Vana, was continued by Steve Abrams and is being concluded by Taylor.

Ms. Taylor, you should stop your personal vendetta. As a commissioner, I doubt very much that you would pass the smell test.

Alma Sato, Wellington


  1. And we the people ,sign their check. Whats wrong with PBC voters.get the bad out. Task force with bracelets and teeth.It’s seems PBC don’t like jewelery.

  2. It is because Santamaria constantly reminds commissioners of his ethical superiority and greater knowledge, and his constant lectures about their shortcomings that they do not want meetings to turn into a nursery school.

    He would extend meetings by hours with his lectures.

    Plus, even after eight years on the commission the guy appears to be lost when it comes to procedural matters. The western communities is without effective representation on the commission. Good thing there are term limits.

  3. Some people need to read Robert’s Rules of Order regarding public hearings before making off the cuff remarks about someone that is
    doing their job as REQUIRED by LAW.

    ps: Not everything in this world is a Conspiracy

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