Letter: Don’t Buy The Minto Yokelism

In a Palm Beach Post article on Sunday, April 20, Minto supporters were listed: vendor, supplier, union, marketing firm, irrigation, cabinet, kitchen and floor.

The geographic locations of these were also mentioned from Tampa to Cocoa Beach to Boynton Beach to Coral Springs and Miami.

The established working relationships went back 28 years. These supporters could be re-classified instead of suppliers, vendors and subcontractors as departments of Minto. The numbers and selection for the suppliers, vendors and subcontractors are already determined.

Minto probably has other supporters such as: suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, concrete, concrete block, framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, dry wall, windows, doors, landscaping… I wouldn’t be surprised if all or some of these also had long-standing working relationships with Minto. They could be from out of state. The same could be reclassified as departments of Minto. Their numbers and selection could already be determined.

The article also stated local painters and plumbers will support Minto’s plans because it will create jobs. The thousands of jobs are a gross exaggeration, and tens of jobs more realistic. We already know the geographic areas of Florida where the Minto workers will come from. I don’t believe its probable the local businesses have any chance to obtain Minto contracts if they are not already a Minto department.

The Minto supporters don’t give a rats butt about changing the rural and equestrian culture of the Acreage/Loxahatchee area. The overwhelming majority of the 40,000 residents in the area don’t want the Minto transformation.

One Minto supporter quote in the article stated, “How else are we going to feed our families.” Vote smarter! There are politicians who have sound economic policies. Then, maybe, we could all work in our county and make a good living wage.

A lousy economy for 6 years and waiting for a few service jobs to fall at your feet are not valid reasons to destroy the Acreage/Loxahatchee culture.

I support the current land use and zoning of the Minto property and oppose any changes.

Bob Sommer, The Acreage



  1. I’m tired of hearing of the words ‘fear mongering’ or this ain’t rural (ie. montana). It is rural for Florida. I wouldn’t call WPB a city compared to NYC, either. But its a city. And ‘out here’ is rural.

    And if you consider a comment to be incorrect state the facts to clear it up. Oh.. thats right.. the facts don’t support Minto and what they want…. The facts (and history of other over developed areas) support that this development will change the area forever. It will create more crime, more taxes, more traffic, all the while losing the idyllic lifestyle everyone chose to buy into when their was nothing here.

  2. Mr Sommer,

    Enough with the fear mongering. This is Palm Beach County, South Florida and not western Montana. The culture of the acreage as you call it is not going to be destroyed because of this development. You can either keep saying no to everything, which, incidentally is not going to stop anything, or you can have an influence in shaping the future of our community in a positive fashion.

  3. You sir do not know what the acreage majority wants or does not want. All you know about is a small percentage of residents that attended one
    ala meeting that was presented prior to much of the factual information being available. I find it rude that some continually think they have the right to speak for me or my neighbors. You want to post opinions? That’s fine, but be sure that those are yours and yours only. You, sir, DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

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