Letter: Opposed To New RPB Dog Park

Let me begin by saying that I am a dog owner and I love dogs. However, a new dog park is being proposed to be located in Royal Palm Beach Commons Park. I strongly oppose the expenditure of $90,000 for this dog park when we have four other dog parks in the area.

There is a dog park in Madison Green on Crestwood, one in Wellington, one in Okeeheelee Park and one in LaMancha. I have been to the one on Crestwood, and I have never seen a dog there yet.

Thousands of dollars have already been spent for the services of an engineering firm, and their recommendations for the dog park were rejected. From what I understand, this new dog park will have no shade for owners to get out of the sun. This is totally unacceptable, since we all know how unbearable the summer months can be in Florida. The other dog parks provide shade and gazebos where dog owners can gather out of the sun while their dogs have a chance to run and play with the other dogs at the park.

I sincerely hope the creation of a new dog park will be reconsidered, since it is an expenditure that the taxpayers of Royal Palm Beach do not need to absorb. There must be another way for $90,000 of taxpayer money to be spent to better benefit this community.

Philip Steinberg, Royal Palm Beach