Letter: Foster Stands Up For Seniors

The challenges for seniors keep increasing as our parents live longer and their resources become smaller. The finances of families are also becoming more and more stretched so that what we have to help our parents as they age also is less. One of the most important things that a family can do for their parents is to be able to help them to age with dignity, have some independence and remain home for as long as possible.

Kathy Foster faced these same challenges with her aging parents and not only gave to her family when the time came, but understood that it was a crisis that many of us have to face. She set out to solve the problem for her whole community by establishing the volunteer organization, Wellington Cares, that offers free senior support services that are vitally needed to help keep seniors in their home. Wellington Cares offers transportation to doctors and churches, light home repairs, assistance in paying bills, scheduling appointments, home cleaning and laundry — all of those little things that make a difference in helping seniors cope with growing older.

The point that I want to share with the readers is that I believe Kathy Foster knows what her community needs and that she will step up to solve the problems, not just talk about the problems. She has demonstrated that she is the best person to be our next county commissioner.

Suzanne Bennett, Wellington