Letter: Support For Michelle Santamaria

Michelle Santamaria, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 6, is daughter of the most respected and honest public servant in Palm Beach County, also known as the fearless voice of the people.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration as a finance major from the University of Florida; a master’s in business administration from Rollins College; and a degree from Stetson University Law School. All of the above are top Florida universities.

Her professional work experience includes three and a half years as an assistant state attorney prosecutor/trial lawyer, often representing law enforcement against those breaking the law. She is a crime fighter! She has also started her own training seminars teaching law enforcement officers “how to testify in court” in order to win cases against those who break the law. Again, representing the “good guys” to put the bad guys in jail.

She also works tirelessly supporting various causes, such as My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper and many others.

She has the same core values as her famous father, “a chip off the old block,” one might say. Not only does Michelle have a proven track record as a dedicated public servant, she also has excellent credentials, and I rate her a cut above the other candidates.

We in the western communities are lucky to have her. She will make a great commissioner who will represent our best interest. What we need in District 6 is continuity, and that is exactly what Michelle Santamaria will bring to the table.

Alma Sato, Wellington