Letter: Still Corruption County In PBC

Where are all the honest residents of Palm Beach County? Why are you not sticking up for your rights?

Still, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is not being given the funding that is necessary to perform the duties that would stop the corruption in our county. The county commissioners and the public officials of the 14 cities that you voted for are not listening to you. While 72 percent of you, the residents, of Palm Beach County voted to have a fully-funded OIG, and it still has not happened.

It was suggested that the cost to the 38 cities in our county be passed on to the vendors by charging the vendors a fee of .25 percent, which relates to a vendor charge of $250 for a $100,000 purchase. So with no cost to the cities, why are 14 cities out of the 38 cities in our county still refusing to fund the OIG? What should we do? Attend commission meetings and express your disappointment in the fact that parts of our county must be hiding something, and that is why they refuse to fully fund the Office of the Inspector General.

Hold local meetings to discuss how we will speak up to rid ourselves of this terrible situation. Do not forget it is up to us, the people of our beautiful county, to make things right.

George Peltzmacher, Royal Palm Beach


  1. I don’t think it’s the funding. It’s all just dirty politics.We need them to have power to lock up and answer to know one, instead of recommending new way to beat the system. By the way they spent 20 million and how many went to jail?LOL

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